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The Soapbox: Why All the Fuss About Linkle?!

So… I’ve never written a ‘soapbox’ piece for Gaming Precision before. Even in times of being so frustrated with some of the ignorance that comes from some of the gaming communities, I tend to keep my mo...


Everything We Saw on Nintendo Direct 11/12/15

So after a super long hiatus after the untimely passing of Satoru Iwata back in July, Nintendo Direct has finally made a comeback. This one did not disappoint, and had a little something for everyone. In this editorial, I̵...


Legend of Zelda U Delayed until 2016

As many Legend of Zelda fans already know, Eiji Aonuma announced recently that Zelda U, a once-anticipated release for 2015, has now been delayed. I for one understand the delay, as they now promise to give us an ultimate, c...


Could The Happy Mask Salesman Be Making a Comeback in a New Zelda Title?

I don’t know about the rest of you reading this, but I’m quite the avid Legend of Zelda fan, with one of my most favorite Zelda games being Majora’s Mask. If you are anything like me, than this next set of ...


Zelda U Gameplay Trailer Impressions

This piece has been some time in the making and is long overdue. As many of you gamers out there know, the Game Awards 2014 debuted this past Friday, where they gave out awards to the top game publishers and premiered new game ...


Nintendo Responds to Petition to for Robin Williams NPC in Upcoming Zelda Title

As many already know, we lost the great actor and comedian, Robin Williams, last week due to suicide. Not only was he an actor and comedian, but he was also quite the avid gamer, loving The Legend of Zelda franchise so much th...