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Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 Apparently Under Development

It’s official all of you Half-Life fanboys! The third entry into the legendary FPS series is finally under development! A former employee of Valve was ‘caught’ mentioning the project while in an interview with...


GDC: Steam Controller Redesign Finally Revealed

As part of its Steam DevDays conference back in January, Valve officially revealed that they were going to redesign the controller that would eliminate the touch pad in the middle. There was something about the old controller I...


Steam Family Sharing Available but Not Quite As it Seems

Valve announced, the other day, that its Family Sharing feature is coming out of beta testing and is regularly available to its users. Valve’s Family Sharing offers a service that is supposed to convene those who wish to ...


Valve Responds to VAC Controversy

Information recently came to light regarding Valve’s anti-cheat system, known as VAC.  Specifically, allegations that it has a module which reads all of a user’s web domains that have been visited while VAC is runn...


Valve Launches Steam Tags in Beta

Valve has launched a beta for a new feature intended to recruit users to help browsing on the online library for Steam easier.  Called Steam Tags, it lets users add text tags to any individual games or software.  Users are en...


Europe Boss And Former Valve Employee Leave Microsoft

Being an employee at Microsoft must either be REALLY difficult or must REALLY stink. There have been a number of Microsoft executives shuffling around the high ranks of their employees. While they may have finally found their n...