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Xbox One March Update Out Now

As expected, Microsoft has rolled out a number of updates in their latest patch this March. Dedicated to making the UI better in anticipation for Titanfall next week, Microsoft added a number of improvements that gamers have be...


Xbox One Twitch Streaming Set For Titanfall Release

Microsoft and Twitch have confirmed that the streaming feature on the Xbox One will be available upon launch of Titanfall on March 11th. Twitch TV is a great gameplay streaming service that has a huge online community that was ...


Xbox One Gets Titanfall Bundle and New UK Price

News continues to roll in from Microsoft in anticipation of Titanfall’s release on March 11th on the Xbox One and PC. For a limited time, Microsoft is providing a special Titanfall bundle with hopes of bringing more peopl...


Xbox Rolls Out February Update & Bug

As of Feb. 15th, the Xbox One has a new update. One of a number of major updates that Xbox has planned in the coming weeks leading up to and beyond the release of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, this update brings some...


Titanfall Beta News

Attention! Attention! If you have an Xbox One or PC and you’ve been curious as to what all of the Titanfall buzz and talk is about , then you have a new found opportunity to jump into the beta and try the game out for you...


The Gaming Precision Podcast #21: Colorwind Returns – Final Confusion XIII

Are you interested in video games? Do you love video games with every fiber of your being that to go one day without them could mean certain death for you? Perhaps video games are depressing you to hate every single molecular c...