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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake to Have New Combat

This year’s E3 finally offered what many a Final Fantasy fan have been hoping for for some time now: a remake of the beloved Final Fantasy V.  And some of the first details to emerge about this new remake?  Indications ...


12 Minutes of Hitman Gameplay Leaked

New game-play footage of Hitman was recently leaked to the internet showcasing Agent 47 doing what he does best – taking people out. Check this link for 12 minutes of Hitman game-play. From the swift transitions to disgui...


New Worlds to “Free Run” in Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix Video game Journalist and Director Tetsuya Nomura spoke a little bit about Kingdom Heats 3 with Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation recently and revealed some interesting news concerning KH characters, game engine and m...

FF7 remake ps4

FF7 Remake Could Be Drastically Different From Original

Remakes of nostalgic games are always a risky thing. Companies have at times promised to remake old classics and at times have completely ruined what made the original great. A recent Double Dragon remake was a clear example of...


RUMOR: Final Fantasy VII Could Be Remade for the PS4

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I love Final Fantasy VII. So to only add to my already heightened E3 excitement, there is a rumor circulating that we may get an announcement for Final Fantasy VII HD for ...


Square Enix Announces New PC Mech Game Figureheads

Pew pew pew. Stomp stomp stomp! No, this isn’t the intro to a new game with dinos that have lasers attached to their friggin’ heads. Instead it is yet another adventure into Bunneh’s favorite genre, mechs! App...