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Sony Changes Controversial Driveclub Upgrade

Sony’s latest racing title, DriveClub, will be released later this year on the company’s current generation console, the PlayStation 4. A limited version of the game will be available free of charge for PS Plus user...


PlayStation Plus Freebies for March

With PlayStation’s PlayStation Plus service, it just keeps getting better and better, and the month of March is no exception. If you happen to not have the PlayStation Plus service, now would be a great time to get it an...


Sony Delays Driveclub Until 2014

Another day, another delay. Sony recently announced the delay of their socially focused team based driving title, DriveClub. This highly anticipated racing game is reportedly delayed due to the development team, Evolution Studi...


The Gaming Precision Podcast #6: Random Junk Flying Across The Screen

Salutations, gamers and players, to the sixth episode of The Gaming Precision Podcast. Esteban “Colorwind” Cuevas, Claire “Genki Girl” Phillips, Felisha “Nightingale” Silva, and Ivan “T.C.” Mashkov are here to e...

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for October

PlayStation Plus users are in for a huge surprise with the lineup set for October. PlayStation Plus users have a brand new lineup for free games that can be downloaded to your PlayStation 3 and your PlayStation Vita. The lineup...

Playstation Play 2013

Playstation Play Games Available for Preorders

Playstation Play is coming and it’s coming soon. The annual summer PSN game showcase is back and bringing four great games at discounted prices to the PS Store. This year there are several bonuses that gamers will get fro...