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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Problems Detailed

Far Cry 4 is out now, and by all indications it is a great entry in the Far Cry series. However that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have glitches and other issues. So Ubisoft (via IGN) has released a blog post, which...

PS Store

The PlayStation Update For 11/18/2014

Welcome back to Gaming Precision’s weekly feature, the PlayStation Update, where I, Tech Curse, break down the latest releases on PlayStation platforms. Are you ready for the mayhem? Are you!? Then this edition of the Pla...


Sony Explains Why You Can’t Change Your Name

This has been one of the biggest issues among fans of the PlayStation platforms and is one of the best known issues. You can’t change your account name on the PlayStation Network, which unites all Sony video game consol...

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue Announced

It’s here! Sony has announced a new cloud-based service for PlayStation platforms. PlayStation Vue will offer owners of the PS4 and PS3 the chance to watch a package of about 75 TV channels with some great feature tha...

PS Store

The PlayStation Update For 11/11/2014

Welcome back to the weekly Gaming Precision feature, where Tech Curse breaks down the latest releases on PlayStation platforms each and every week. The list is short, but does it have a ton of heavy-hitters! New PS4 Games As...

PS Store

The PlayStation Update For 11/04/2014

New PS4 Games Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – experience the next generation of Call of Duty first-person shooters in Advanced Warfare. Fight for Atlas, a private military company that is taking the world by storm since ...