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Metal Gear Solid V

Konami Dev Denies Metal Gear and AAA Games Rumors

Hey there GP Fans!!!!! Since Kojima’s abrupt departure from Konami, there have been tons of rumors circulating around Konami and their position with AAA console gaming. Though in a recent interview with Game ON Daily, the...


Konami Concentrates On Mobile

Konami, sweet Konami. Gaming in Japan must be pretty hard for developers nowadays. Konami has recently decided that their future focus for game development will be mobile games. They have abandoned making games such as Metal Ge...


Metal Gear Solid: The 1984 Collection Isn’t A Game Collection

So, think back y’all. What were you doing back in 1984? Well, I can certainly say that fashion today is quite different from what we consider ‘fresh’ today even if some of the catch phrases used are still viab...


Konami’s Name Returned to Some MGS Websites

So only just recently, Konami made news by removing Hideo Kojima’s name from many official websites for related games, including no less than the still-in-development Silent Hills as well as a myriad of Metal Gear Solid t...


Sony Pictures To Make A Live Action Metal Gear Solid Film

According to, Metal Gear Solid is next in line in the everlasting saga of big name video game movies. Apparently, Sony Picutres has gained rights to do this movie. Excited? Hmmm. The rumor goes that it be writte...


Kojima/Konami Split… Unexpected or Premeditated?!?

Since yesterday morning there have been tons of rumors and accusations made on Hideo Kojimas departure from Konami. Did he leave on his own? Was he forced out? Is MGS5 still coming out? Well, I purposely let this topic linger f...