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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Advanced Warfare Lacks PS4 Share Play Support

A recent Gamespot report (via VG 24/7) indicates that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare does not support a recently introduced Share Play feature on Sony’s current generation console, the PlayStation 4. Are you having a toug...

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Dominate In Black Ops 2 And Ghosts Before October 31st

Are you ready to dominate everyone in the latest Call of Duty title? Well, Treyarch Studios, has you covered with a special weekend before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches on November 4th. Get double the experience poi...

CoD Exo Shield

Gamescom Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Impressions

Call of Duty has long been the king of online FPS multiplayer games on consoles for a great many years. Ever since 2007 when the first Modern Warfare game exploded on the scene, I’ve managed to dump hundreds of hours into...


Microsoft Announces 1 Terabyte Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox One Bundle

Microsoft is trying their best to use their time in Germany’s Gamescom event a productive one.  In the midst of all of their announcements, they are set to release yet another bundled version of the Xbox One. From what...


Final Ghosts DLC Pack Coming Next Week

In an anticlimactic turn of events, Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting taken out back next week and shot. I’m exaggerating, however Activision is releasing the final piece of DLC for the game on August 5th, which will mean ...

Podcast 29

The Gaming Precision Podcast #29: Bunneh Missing!

Are you interested in video games? Do you love video games with every fiber of your being that to go one day without them could mean certain death for you? Perhaps video games are depressing you to hate every single molecular c...