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Cyrodiil Pic

Cyrodill Will Support 2,000 Players

The Elder Scrolls Online has made one of the biggest announcements in MMO history for those of you that can’t get enough of that player versus player gameplay. For those that are not aware, Cyrodiil is going to be the center ...

ww vs v pic

The Elder Scrolls Online: Werewolf Vs. Vampires

The Elder Scrolls Online is still building hype and there has been a recent release on “The Balancing Act”, that asks players, werewolf or vampire? Many players know from playing Skyrim that and Oblivion that, if a player c...

synergy pic

The Elder Scrolls Online Synergy System

As many of you know, MMO’s are all about cast bars and making sure that the big numbers pop up so you feel good about yourself but that is not the case with The Elder Scrolls Online. Recently, an interview with the leader of ...

Paul Sage Pic

Paul Sage Fights TESO Skepticism

In a recent interview with Zenimax Online Studios’ Paul Sage, players have found out more about the Elder Scrolls Online than they had ever hoped to before. There were several questions answered about the game in a way that d...

TESO gear pic

The Elder Scrolls Online: New Game, Same Gear

Many of the Elder Scrolls games have had a weapon system that did not go off of how many stats and numbers that were attached to a specific weapon, but what grade of material and craft the weapon was. So if you started out in t...

Dragon Knight Pic

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dragon Knight Speculations

So through the grapevine, details have been released of what might possibly be the first creative tanking class of The Elder Scrolls Online. The “Dragon Knight” as well as the “Warrior” classes have both been mentioned ...