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X1 April Update Adds Voice Messaging

The Xbox One April Update seems to be a bit slim. Last month saw a few more quick features added to the X1 button double-tap queue. This month will address one of the more social aspects of the next gen system that has been ...


Xbox One DVR Won’t Record All Achievements! Oh No!

It seems the Xbox One has more features that customers can expect to be unexpected of their expectations. In a recent article, consumers were confused after a statement went out saying the Xbox One will not track all achievemen...

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Nintendo’s Wii U Won’t Have Achievements or Trophies

It’s been stated recently that the Wii U won’t have achievements or trophies much like it’s competitors’ systems do. It’s a gaming trend that Nintendo has no interest in giving into just yet. Micro...

Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Achievement List

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is right around the corner and there was talk about the achievement list coming out very soon and it’s been released. The game is going to show many achievements that include a lot in the single play...


Xbox 360 Gamerscore Rewards Detailed

Xbox 360 gamers! You will be getting some real reward for your gamerscore now! All those achievements you gotten will now nab you something. Microsoft unveiled its plans to offer discounts and gifts based on gamerscore. Unfortu...

Halo 4 Pic

Halo 4 Achievement List Revealed

Halo 4 is by far one of the most anticipated launches of 2012 and 343 Industries has finally given us players an epic achievement list to drool over. Master Chief will be returning for a campaign that will blow Halo fans away a...