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Sword Coast Legends Previews Real-Time Dungeon Master-ing

As one who loves RPGs, I’ve a lot of fond memories of old Bioware D&D games like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Icewind Dale. Each of them found you adventuring through a very popular region of the Forgo...


Harmonix Discusses Playlist Selection Process & Next-Gen Only for Rock Band 4

Manager of Community Development for Harmonix, Aaron Trites, and Community Manager Eric Pope recently sat down with me to discuss the state of our beloved Rock Band 4 today. For some, the announcement that the franchise is...


Bunneh3000 Impressions: Battlefield Hardline beta

In this edition of impressions, Bunneh3000 gives you a quick look at his experience with the Battlefield Hardline beta and his thoughts on what he played and what the final version of the game could and should be.   RELEAS...

Gaming Precision Presents: Bunneh3000 vs. Evolve Beta: Defense Mode

The Evacuation Mode of the Evolve game is an interesting way to give consequences to whether or not an online multiplayer match is won or not. You are essentially still playing the 4 monster hunters vs the monster formula in va...


Bunneh3000 Impressions: Evolve Beta

Evolve the game is almost upon us and Bunneh3000 is ready. Come and listen to his breakdown of the recent beta as well as his hopes and worries for the final version. Related Posts Bunneh3000’s MMO Hunt – From Mechs...

Bun-Zillah! Screenshot 2014-11-07 23-01-00

Bunneh3000’s Impressions of the Evolve Alpha

Evolve is one of the first games to hang it’s hat on a new online only 4v1 format. Recently they debuted their Alpha and I took some time to stomp around and eat those foolish enough to hunt me! Evolve, in a nutshell, is ...