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GP Picks
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GP Picks 5/22/15

How’s it going GP Fans? Kenesu here with another segment of GP Picks for you all. This week didn’t grace us that much with quantity though we got so much more in terms of quality games. Though which quality games sh...

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GP Picks 5/15/15

What’s going on GP Fans?!? Kenesu here with another set of GP Picks for you guys. Some interesting titles have been released this week for all platforms though choosing which titles to play may prove to be a little diffic...

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GP Picks 5/8/15

How’s it going GP fans?!? Some interesting games have been released this week but Kenesu is here to help you out on what you should be playing this weekend. This week I wanted to give some shine towards new games that are...

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GP Picks 4/30/15

How’s it going GP fans?!? The weekend is coming and a good amount of games have been released this week. So, what should you be playing this weekend? Drawing blanks? Kenesu has got you covered. Here are my GP Picks for th...

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Kenesu’s Personal Nostalgic GP Picks 4/23/15

How’s it going GP fans?!? Well since this week was rather absent of new releases, I felt I could take the opportunity to talk to you all about my personal favorite games that I hold near and dear to me. I’ve been ga...

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GP Picks 4/16/15

What’s going on GP fans?! Kenesu is back bringing you another awesome edition of GP Picks for this week. We’ve had a good amount of games come out this week and Friday is just around the corner. So… what shoul...