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Call of Duty Diary, Ep 2

I’ve been playing pretty hard these past couple of days with a goal in mind and that was to get Tactical Mask Pro, It is one of the last perks I haven’t pro’d since I hit 15th Prestige and it happens to be one...


Black OPs Annihilation Double XP Weekend

Here is the first edition of Call of Duty Diary featuring Guest writer Croutonlol. To celebrate the release of Annihilation (DLC 3) for Black OPs there will be a Double XP weekend from Friday, July 1st @ 10am PST to Tuesday, Ju...

Thirsty Thursday

I know I am not alone when I say that the happiest part of my day is when I fill my stomach with something delicious and tasty, most often with Mountain Dew. Video game characters also need that special time of day when they en...


Smart Phone Games for REAL RPG Gamers

Here are some of the best games smart phones can offer and gamers (myself included) can appreciate.