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August 19, 2014 - New Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Screens Revealed Danganronpa is one of those games that just don ... | August 19, 2014 - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass Info As we move nearer to the release date of Middle-ea ... | August 18, 2014 - Shadow Realms Could Come to Consoles Electronic Arts and BioWare has incited excitement ... | August 18, 2014 - Gamescom 2014: PlayStation 4 Continues To Dominate It will surprise no one that the PlayStation 4 con ... | August 18, 2014 - Nintendo Responds to Petition to for Robin Williams NPC in Upcoming Zelda Title As many already know, we lost the great actor and ... | August 18, 2014 - The Evil Within Season “Passacre” Announced It has been roughly 18 years since the original re ... | August 18, 2014 - ScreamRide Set To Destroy Coasters On Xbox Spring 2015 The makers of Roller Coaster Tycoon have decided t ... | August 15, 2014 - Gamescom 2014: Next Titanfall DLC Pack Revealed Gamescom 2014 is still proceeding apace and shell ... | August 15, 2014 - Micheal Ancel’s WiLD Announced WiLD is a new title from the creator of Rayman Leg ... | August 15, 2014 - BioWare Announces New Online Game Shadow Realms BioWare and Electronic Arts have officially announ ... |

GP Picks For 8/15/2014

Welcome back to GP Picks, a weekly Gaming Precision feature, where Tech Curse breaks down the greatest games that were released this week and shows off some great titles from our incredible video game history. This week we ha...

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The PlayStation Update For 8/12/2014

Welcome to this week’s PlayStation Update. Gaming Precision’s very own Tech Curse will tell you all about the latest games, add-ons and more. This week we have a lot of great titles, like Hohokum, Surgeon Simulato...


Tech Curse’s Impressions Of The Battlefield Hardline Beta

E3 2014 is long gone, however we still can’t forget all the great games that were revealed during the show. The highlight of the Electronic Arts Media Briefing was the announcements that the beta for the latest title in t...

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Weekly News Rundown: Resident Evil Remastered, Diablo III, and Mario Gets Mercedes!

Salutations my dear gamers and gamerettes! It’s time for another installment of the Weekly News Rundown! Every Friday, I, Nightingale Silva ‘rundown’ the coolest news stories from the past week for all of you...


GP Picks For 8/08/2014

Welcome to this week’s GP Picks, a feature on Gaming Precision, where your very busy Tech Curse breaks down great games that were released this week and adds in some of his old favorites. This week we have an update of a...

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The PlayStation Update For 8/05/2014

Welcome to this week’s PlayStation Update, Gaming Precision’s weekly feature. where Tech Curse breaks down the latest games, DLC, freebies and more on the PlayStation Network. This week we have new PlayStation Plu...