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Kenesu’s Poke-Corner – Pokemon World Championships Recap

Hey there GP & Poke-Fans. The Pokemon World Championships is finally over and what a fantastic event it was. The event as a whole was amazing and showcased true talent and skill brought from trainers all across the globe. E...


Nightingale’s GP Picks 8/21/15

Hello, GP peeps! It’s Friday, and I come today bearing another installment of GP Picks! GP Picks is where I name three new games that has come out this past week, and also suggest an older title that you may want to check...


Kenesu’s Poke-Corner: Worlds is Just Around The Corner

How’s it going GP fans?!? Kenesu here with another awesome edition of Kenesu’s Poke-Corner. This week I won’t be able to participate in Wonder Trade Wednesday as work has had me completely swamped, leaving me ...


Kenesu’s Poke-Corner – Illegal/Hacked ‘Mons Beware

Hey there GP & Poke-Fans?!? Kenesu here with our second edition of Kenesu’s Poke-Corner. First of I’d like to apologize to those that weren’t able to comment on last week’s article due to the comment sec...


Kenesu’s Poke-Corner 7/29/15

WELCOME!!!! WELCOME!!!! WELCOME EVERYBODY!!!!! Kenesu here bringing you a new section to the GP Circuit. With Pokemon being a hit franchise worldwide and me also being a HUGE Pokemon fan, I felt it was only right that I would t...


Nightingale’s GP Picks 7/24/15: HD Remakes

It’s been sometime since I’ve done a GP Picks, and that’s due to the lack of new games coming out each week, but I just had to leave you guys with something this week, so we’re going to do something a bi...