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Can Mists of Pandaria “Save” WoW?

Millions of players are cancelling their World of Warcraft subscriptions because they are afraid that the induction of pandas is crazy. It’s being said that certain aspects of the game are for twelve year olds and that the ga...


SWTOR Crashing Hard

Star Wars the Old Republic was supposed to be one of the biggest and long lasting MMO’s to have ever been released. As of late that is not the story in the slightest because EA was just simply not ready for what they were get...


Diablo 3 Paragon Levels

Diabo 3 is the best “hack and slash” game out for the computer at the moment and is a constant grind for players.  All of the Nephilims out there are reaching the end level nowadays and it has turned in to “farming” al...


Spec Ops: The Line Is Actually Tough

Spec Ops: The Line has a pretty engaging storyline, so so graphics, and it actually presents a ridiculous challenge. As Captain Walker and his team of Delta soldiers trek through the desert of Mumbai, they begin to change and t...


Resident Evil May Not Be the Same

Resident Evil is one of the most classic games all of all time, but as of late they just don’t feel the same as they used to. When a gamer would play the original Resident Evil years ago, six bullets in the chamber and a hall...


The Hunger Games Should be a Video Game

The Hunger Games would make for an awesome video game. An all out battle royal between twenty four people, where there really are no rules and all that matters is survival? Yes. Simply yes.