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Valiant Hearts Announced

A new comic, turn by turn title has just been announced by Ubisoft and it goes by the title of Valiant Hearts. This amazing looking game will feature five characters, all attempting to survive the best ways that they know how, ...

General chaos pic

Genesis Cult Classic General Chaos Getting a Sequel

General Chaos was a game that warmed a lot of hearts back in the day but if you ask a gamer today if they remember kicking some butt in General Chaos, they’d look at you like you were crazy. That truly is a shame because this...

OUYA pic

OUYA Kickstarter Suspended

For those of you that do not know, OUYA is a mobile gaming console that allows players to take those entertaining mobile games and bring their skill to the console. OUYA itself was a bit of a Kickstarter and now there are title...

gamestop pic

GameStop Closed 52 Stores in Past Three Months

Gamestop, the most reliable source for gamers to actively buy games that are used and old alike, has shut down fifty two of their stores in the past three months. This is truly devastating news because I have been going to Game...

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Awesomenauts Expansion Funded on Kickstarter

Awesomenauts is, in my opinions, the best 2D battle arena to have ever been made and the expansion for this game is being funded off of a kickstarter. The number of supporters has grown to over two thousand and the dollar amoun...

D3 SR pic

Diablo III Expansion Revealed

Blizzard has just announced and revealed the very first expansion pack for Diablo III and it looks very promising. The expansion will provide players with a ton of new content as far as monsters, areas, instances, and an amazin...