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Four Things You Need To Justify That Games Room

Posted October 10, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Many gamers dream of it and more are realizing that dream. The games room could become the hub of your virtual life, your shrine to your hobby, and the best place in the home to just relax and binge your latest obsession. However, there are good reasons that many gamers never get around to properly making one, and it’s worth considering those reasons.




This is concern number one. If you don’t have the right space for a games room, you’re not going to get much enjoyment out of it. Take a closer look at the room you’re considering for the purpose. Can you guarantee enough storage space for all your gaming collection paraphernalia in there? Will you have enough space between you and the monitor to keep you sitting comfortably? Are you sacrificing a cushy place on the couch to end up sitting in a room that has little space for more than a single small chair?


What are you going to be using the room for, too? You want a place to game, that’s obvious enough. But are you going to be using it as storage for your console and game collection? Do you switch between console and PC gaming, meaning that you need setups for both different mediums? Are you going to need a new gaming chair from places like High Ground Gaming to more comfortably enjoy it? Figuring out what you need to create your perfect games room is essential, otherwise, you mind up spending time and money putting it all together only to realize key features are missing.




This is most important of all. There’s no point trying to create a games room if you don’t have a budget to get yourself little more than a new seat to game in. You need to look at the needs above and think about how much they’re going to cost. If you are willing to get hands-on, you could save yourself some money by finding the right tools from places like Best of Machinery and using your DIY skills to build some fixtures rather than buying them all. However, you have to decide here and now how much you can justify spending on the room.


Most importantly, your passion has to justify the project. The idea sounds good to start with, but many people build a games room only to find they don’t actually spend that much time in it. Moreover, you have to be willing to create a space fit to that passion. Classy games décor like posters can help you make it perfectly suited to your gaming pursuits, but only if you’re comfortable with wearing your hobby on your sleeve like that.

We don’t want to stamp on anyone’s dreams here, but it’s important to recognize whether it’s a good idea to spend time planning and spend money buying resources for a room that isn’t going to be complete or ever going to be used. Make sure your games room is fully justified before you get too far in those plans.

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