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Check Out These Surprisingly Good Gaming Platforms

Posted September 27, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Any hardcore gamer will know that the platform is one of the most essential aspects of the whole experience. The choice of platform can really make or break a game, and in some cases it does both. In other words, you can have a game that really bombs on PC, but once it comes to Playstation you find that it probably should have stayed where it was. But there are a couple of gaming platforms which are surprisingly good to play with for a variety of games, and for many reasons, and we can learn a lot by taking a look at what those are. Here are some of the most surprisingly good gaming platforms there have ever been. Which is your favorite?


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Although it has been on the receiving end of plenty of abuse in its time, the truth is that PC is still, and has always been, a powerful and serviceable platform for many types of game. Not everybody is convinced of this, of course, but there is plenty to say that it is a strong contender for one of the best all-round platforms of all time. Why might this be?

One of the biggest selling points here is that PC has basically infinite backwards compatibility. Thanks to a variety of software tools which you can use with any operating system, you can always make it work so that your PC is able to play all games, no matter how old they are. See Quora for more on this. This is not something you could say for any console, or even mobile phones and tablets. This has to be one of the best things about PC gaming, but it’s not the only major attractive quality.

Another is the ability to play any type of game on the PC without losing any of its own innate sense of what it is trying to achieve. The PC is much more suited to every type of game than any other platform has ever been, meaning that it is essentially an ideal gaming machine for most users. Of course, PC is not the only great surprisingly good platform – so what are the others?


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This is one of those claims that can often really infuriate people, but if you think about it mobile is a shockingly good way to play a number of games. You don’t have the same range as you do with PC or many other consoles, but what you do have is a surprising ability to pack really quite a lot into a small space. Once you consider the power of the Internet too, it is actually quite amazing the quality and thoroughness of the games you can play on mobile.

Like PC, you can play a huge variety of games on mobile platforms. Whether it’s the games of or the latest app from the play store, there is always something to be downloaded. The real benefit of mobile gaming is not high-speed graphics or anything showy, but the fact that you can find some really in-depth games which you can play anywhere at all. Some of the best mobile games even make good use of the platform by integrating tilt, swipe and facial recognition features – or even using the microphone in-game to produce effects. These are clever nuances which make mobile gaming much more than you might think it is capable of, and it is worth considering as one of the best platforms out there today.


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Nintendo DS

Speaking of the mobile versions, one hand-held console which really changed things was the Nintendo DS. This double-screened and sleekly designed thing of beauty is easily still the top hand-held console out there, and that is the case for a number of reasons. For a start, as with some of the mobile apps mentioned above, it often makes use of its very stature in-game to bring about more of a sense of realism. Playing Zelda, you might be encouraged to blow into the microphone in order to set something in motion on the screen, for example. There are plenty of examples of this kind of utility, and they are a great way of marrying the device itself with what you are using it for, without feeling that it is too artificial. This is a clever balance that only the titans of Nintendo could get quite right.

No matter what your favorite all-time platform is, you have to admit that the above three have plenty to offer.

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