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5 Reasons Why Online Gaming Is So Popular

Posted September 7, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Let’s face it; online gaming is popular. Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘gamer,’ you probably joined in with the Pokemon Go phenomenon or played Flappy Bird during your morning commute. With no flashy console needed or even a stack of games, online gaming has plenty of appeal for the masses. Why is online gaming so popular? Take a look at these five reasons why.


Business People hangout together at coffee shop

Business People hangout together at coffee shop


1. You can play anywhere

Thanks to mobile phones, tablets and ultra lightweight laptops, online can be done anywhere and at any time. The last significant study of those who play online games was conducted in 2013 and showed that there were 700 million gamers at the time. This number will have certainly increased by then, and a large percentage of those surveyed said they liked to play while traveling, so it seems online gaming is a popular way to spend time when commuting to work or heading to school.

2. Ease of access

Not only can people play games anywhere, but the access to them has improved significantly. Unlike console games that require a costly console and various games to go with it, online gaming can be done on a smartphone without any specialist equipment or additional cost. While some games do cost money to play, the number of free games and apps is huge. You could enjoy online gaming every day and not have to pay a dime.

3. The social aspect

Playing online games puts you in touch with people from all over the world, a great reason to connect rather than just sitting in a chat room. People take to online game rooms like live casinos to chat with others and to have a good time, and for many lonely people – this interaction is priceless. Online gaming also allows those who are friends in the outside world to play with each other, so it’s a great way of saving money on socializing.

4. Choice

There is a huge choice of online games that makes them suitable for all interests and ages. There are online games to appeal to everyone from sports fans to those who like puzzles and quiz games, and sometimes you might not even know that you’re playing. While some online games have a mass appeal, there are others which are clearly aimed at more niche markets – which is great for those interest groups.

5. It’s immersive

Video games and online games offer so much more than just the gameplay. With more and more movies being made that are based on games, it’s difficult to avoid their impact. There are gaming blogs, YouTube channels, social media pages and everything else related to gaming to be found online, so if you have an interest in gaming – you’ll be well catered for.

As a great way to pass the time, online gaming has a wide appeal that makes it increasingly popular. As technology gets more sophisticated, you can expect to see an even bigger increase in the number of online gamers as well as some new and exciting ways of gaming with VR and AR looking set to evolve gaming even further. Who knows what you could end up playing by this time next year?

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