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Make Your Video Games More Visually Impressive

Posted August 29, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Modern games are becoming more photorealistic and more cinematic. On an average PC or TV, you may not be experience all that each video game has to offer. Gaming pros in particular may benefit from upping their visual performance, allowing gameplay to be smoother and helping them to spot players and obstacles faster. Boosting your visual gaming experience isn’t cheap but for those hardcore gamers that have the money to spend, here are few ways of upping the visual quality.

Sharpen up your screen

The first step could be to buy a higher resolution TV or monitor. HD screens are no longer the top-end – there are now UHD (Ultra High Definition) screens also known as 4k screens (because they have over 4000 pixels!). There are even 5k screens on the market, but don’t expect buy these on a tight budget. Reading comparison sites can ensure you buy the best screen for your money.

Try multiple monitors

Some gamers opt for multiple screens. This can allow you to play a game whilst also displaying another feature such as a scoreboard or video tutorial, however you may simply want to use it to give yourself a greater field of view (many pro gamers will have three screens next to one another giving them greater scope).  In game setting may allow you to increase the field of view. You can even rotate screens so that they’re vertical rather than horizontal.

Graduate your graphics card

Swapping out your graphics card for something more modern and powerful could dramatically improve your gaming visuals, upping the frames per second and preventing lagging. Buying a new graphics card in conjunction with a UHD screen will immediately result in sharper performance. More expensive cards are likely to have higher memory and use less power. There are many on the market and it pays to read reviews and look at comparison guides.



Consider ‘overclocking’

Graphics snobs will go the extra mile and overclock their graphics card. This involves modifying it to work beyond its current limited speed. Overclocking a graphics card can make a difference to visual quality but can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are tutorials on the web that will tell you how to tweak the card safely and how far you should go. Alternatively, you could hire a technician to do it for you.

Fix up any faults

Viruses, overheating processors, corrupted hard drives and various hardware failures can all cause a computer to lag or have visual inconsistencies. If you think one of these faults is restricting your visual performance, it could be worth seeking out a computer repair company. Those that are hands-on and computer-savvy may be able to fix their PC themselves with tutorials.

Uninstall programmes you don’t need

Programmes you don’t use could be taking up unnecessary memory and using unnecessary processing power, which could be limiting your visual performance. Deleting a few programmes that you rarely use could be handy – the likes of AVG PC TuneUp can help you to select programmes to uninstall.

Optimise your settings

Various settings can be played with to further boost your graphics. These will vary from machine to machine. For those with an NVIDEA control panel, try looking in the ‘manage 3D settings’ category. Set the likes of ‘maximum pre-rendered frames’ to 1 and turn on ‘threaded optimisation’. This will result in much smoother gameplay.

Check in-game settings

Don’t forget to check in-game settings too as these may be set to a low default setting. The settings will vary from each game but common ones include frames per second, field of view, resolution and vertical sync. There are also more unusual ones that could be worth tweaking, for example anti-aliasing (which smoothens out jagged edges) and anisotropic filtering (which makes ground texture further away more clearer). Be aware that putting on some settings may result in a more photorealistic image but could have drawbacks such as making the game laggier. The choice to turn v-sync on for example varies from person to person as it can make character movement smoother but alternatively make the frame quality more jittery.

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