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Good, Bad & Ugly: Movies Based On Games

Posted August 24, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Even those with the slimmest interest in the film industry will be acutely aware that movies these days come from a rather limited heritage. It used to be that the big movie houses had arms dedicated to bringing out lower-budget, story driven and independent films. But now films are either a) remakes of a classic, b) yet another exhausted sequel, c) based on a toy or d) lifted straight from a video game.

The latter is what we are going to delve into a little bit more. Read on to see the best examples of films based on games. Some are great, others not so much.



  1. Mortal Kombat

This is certainly one of the ones which never lived up to its potential for the simple fact the producers took a game that catered to those wanting to see blood, pain, badassery and just anything that constituted being nasty and then made it child-friendly. The Mortal Kombat soundtrack was dreadful too. However, this maybe a slightly biased review because we loved the game. The truth is, of all the movies based on fighting games, this was easily the best. Street Fighter 2 was easily the worst.

  1. Kite

Having been a fan of this all the way back to the comics, this little-known film should have been given as much money as was needed to make it amazing. Unfortunately, though, they went down the Samuel L. Jackson route, which says a lot. If you haven’t heard of Kite, then stop right now and watch anime, by which we mean, go and watch the original anime version and play the game too. This is the original Kick Ass; a girl who’s cop-father is killed tracks down the murderers with the help of his partner. This had all the foundations for the most epic film but never happened, unless you see Kick Ass as being the real version, which we kind of do. Such a good story.



  1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Say what you want about the silliness of this franchise, it did the game justice in two ways. They absolutely nailed the casting with Angelina Jolie playing that sexy adventurer who takes no stick from guys and leaves them all in her path unable to keep up. She played the role perfectly, bringing brains, class, sex appeal, brawn and athleticism to the role. The other way they absolutely nailed the film was with shoving Daniel Craig into the limelight, getting him noticed by Hollywood and thus giving us the rebirth of James Bond Franchise. That is something everyone has to be thankful for.

  1. Prince Of Persia

This is one of the ones they got right. Very right. Look, this film was never going to pick up any Academy Awards, but it did what the game demanded of it; it was an entertaining popcorn-flick that was littered with magic and swordplay, bringing the game character to life through the medium of Jake Gyllenhaal. It is fun, and that is exactly what the game was. It may not be saying much for the history of games being adapted into films, but this may well have to top the pile as the best of the bunch.

Hopefully, the Uncharted film can do the game justice.

[Feature Image Source: Pexels]

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