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A Gamers Guide To Getting Comfortable

Posted August 17, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Sometimes you just want to hang out at home in your free time and do some serious gaming. Whether you’re stuck into Fifa 2017 or feel the need to complete your Final Fantasy journey; you’ll want a comfortable environment so that you can relax and concentrate on what’s important (the screen and your control pad). The following are some ideas for those who want to set up a gaming haven, where you can sit down, switch off from real life for a while, and get stuck into what their console has to offer.pexels-photo-194511

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The Screen

Assuming that you’ve got your games console or computer at the ready; you’ll want to transfer its capabilities to a decent -sized screen. Investing in a quality T.V or computer screen will not disappoint you. You’ll be able to see the details of the game and might notice a few hidden gems that you could’ve missed with a tiny, low-quality screen.

You don’t have to fill the room with a giant screen; this will only give you neck ache and ruin your eyes and overall gaming experience. However, it’s worth considering a sizeable game companion which will help to highlight the intricate detailing of The Last Of Us or Uncharted 4. Multiple screens are perfect for two-player games, so it could be worth investing in more than one or getting your friend to bring one over if you’re planning a video games night in together.

The Sound

Now that you’ve set up the visual side of your Nintendo or PS4 themed free time; you’ll want to ensure that you can fully immerse yourself into the action. High-quality speakers can be used with an array of T.Vs, tablets, and computers; so get a couple and crank up the volume!  Surround sound is another option; it can be a little pricey, but they will ensure that you’ll start believing you’re on the Fifa pitch and being cheered on by your fans in no time.

If you have other residents in your home to consider; it’s worth thinking about some headphones that will enhance your gaming experience just as much as a speaker would. Make sure you find the most comfortable earbuds on the market so that you can play for long period of time with ease and without disturbing anybody. The great thing about earphones instead of speakers is you can enjoy gaming on the move and in public places and won’t suffer any angry stares from those nearby.

The Seating

Back support is key when it comes to gaming for long periods of time. An uncomfortable, hard chair with little to no support for your body will cause health and mobility issues in the future, and you’ll be switching off your Xbox quickly. Research into some of the best desk, and armchairs that are on the market; or, if you’re feeling super dedicated, you could bring home a gaming chair that’s been built for your very purpose. Prioritize your experience and comfort, and you’ll have a great night of gaming ahead.

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