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Has Technology Changed Gaming? Psst – The Answer Is Yes!

Posted May 19, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Technology has changed a lot of things over the past couple of years. The way people shop, the way they interact, even the way that society dates is different thanks to tech. And, it turns out, gaming is no different. Although the tech geeks would love to say that gaming is the same as before, the culture is almost unrecognizable. If you think about it, nearly every aspect of playing computers as a kid is unlike playing them today. How has the culture changed, you ask? Just continue reading to find out more. You won’t be disappointed.

More Interaction

From the PlayStation 4 to the Xbox One, almost every console connects to the internet nowadays. And if it doesn’t, you need to rethink your choice of console. Thanks to the web, users don’t have to game alone because they can play the interactive version. With the best gaming router for ps4 or Xbox and a headset, people can connect with a wider community. In fact, gamers meet some of their best friends online without every knowing their facial features. Whether gamers like it or not, they are not alone.

Less Career Mode

In the past, games used to be all about the single player, career mode. Take Grand Theft Auto for example. The later versions like San Andreas had so much scope that you could hours playing without completing a mission. Seriously, you could just get your ‘homies’ and take over territory. It was amazing, and it was what people loved to do when they bought the game. It isn’t the same anymore because manufacturers build games with interaction in mind. Users want to battle against other players and improve, which means the career mode is going down the pan. Call of Duty is the perfect example.

Headsets Instead Of Controllers

‘Headsets’ doesn’t mean the ones people put on their heads to communicate with other players. Nope, it means a headset that distorts your reality in this context. With companies like Facebook investing in virtual reality, it’s inevitable that VR is going to hit the market soon. In fact, it has in some aspects. When the change happens completely, there isn’t going to be any need for old school controllers. Instead, it will be all virtual reality headsets that place you in the thick of the action. That’s right – you won’t be in your room. You’ll be in a war zone running around with your ‘comrades.’

Better Graphics

One basic improvement is in the graphics department. Thanks to 4K and smart TVs, the games now jump off the screen. Even though they aren’t VR, it does feel like you are actually in your surroundings. The colors are vivid, and the characters feel as if they are speaking to you face-to-face. As far as value goes, the graphics add it in vast quantities, but who’s complaining?

Not only has gaming changed, but it’s about to change a whole lot more in the next couple of years. After all, technology never stands still, and neither does the gaming industry.

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