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Keeping Up With The Costs Of Gaming

Posted April 17, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials


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Gaming technology seems to improve all of the time. With developments such as the now massive spectator sport market, gaming is thought to be a nearly $100 billion dollar industry. Much of this prospective revenue now comes from mobile phone games, which many people do not really consider as games at all. In any case, being a fan is only going to get more expensive. As games improve, it stands to reason that they will start to cost a little more with some projecting that they will soon break the $60 mark. These sorts of increases may price out many people who will struggle to keep up. If you are finding that your passion is greater than your wallet will allow, here are a few ideas for helping you afford the games that you just need to have:


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If you are pretty good, or you think you are, you may want to consider joining a professional gaming team. If you like gaming at all, doing it full time is a dream job, and it just so happens to be immensely lucrative too. As of a few years ago, top professional gamers were earning between $226,776 to $454,544 a year. That is enough to pay for any console or gaming PC you’d like many times over and all the games that you’d have time to play. Not only that, you get to travel the world doing the thing that you love. These are just the very best gamers though. Not everyone can rise to the very top of the pile, and if your ambitions are a little more modest, you should look into local tournaments. You could earn enough to buy a few games a year, and you have a great chance of meeting new friends along the way too.


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Many gamers have whole libraries of titles that they have amassed over the years and most of them now go unplayed. If you find that you are bored of the games that you’ve completed so many times that you can play them blindfolded, you may want to sell your games so you can reinvest in the new ones. The industry is developing all the time, and with so many new titles being released each year, it can seem rather indulgent to hang onto all of the old ones. As much fun as you had playing the classics on your Nintendo, they are not helping you just sitting around your room. They could be better used helping you play games on your newest, state of the art console.

Another way to make money while still gaming is recording yourself doing it and posting it online. The ‘Let’s Play’ phenomenon, which led to the success of sites like Twitch (which was sold to Amazon for $970 million a few years ago), is a massive industry in its own right. If you have a little charisma and a sense of humour, and you don’t mind sharing your passion for games with other like-minded people around the world, then set up a YouTube channel today and get started. If you make it big, you could soon be making more money than you could imagine.


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