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Competitive Online Games to Sink Your Teeth Into

Posted March 1, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Gaming has exploded in popularity over the past decade to a point that there are even tournaments. However, these aren’t just weekend tournaments where the prize is a game or a gift card—far from it. In fact, these tournaments can rise to a point where the grand prize is over a million dollars! That’s an incredible amount of prize money, but that’s not the end of the story. The competitive players are considered athletes and even enter travel across the world to compete on global stages around the world.



Counter-Strike Global Offensive

CS: GO is quickly becoming one of the most competitive and most-watched games on the online gaming streaming platform With viewer numbers that are smashing records across the website and slowly approaching the viewership numbers of popular sports such as NFL and NHL, it’s no wonder that CS: GO has reached such an immense level of popularity within such a short timeframe. Although the game has been released for many years now, no first-person shooter has reached the same level of popularity that this PC game has—not even Call of Duty! The game is available on Steam and has a very enthusiastic community with plenty of expert players that regularly make tutorials and guides on YouTube.




You might think of Poker as a game of luck instead of skill but the professional players make six-figure salaries playing this game of “luck”—perhaps there is some degree of skill involved then? Poker is a game of skill due to the calculated risks that people have to take during the game. There are a lot of calculations and possibilities running through people’s heads, so it’s not so much a game of dexterity and timing, but more a mental battle. It’s also an easy game to get into thanks to sites such as Unibet offering online Poker to everyone. You can play for money, but you can also play for fun against friends and family members to practice before you put money on the line.



League of Legends

League of Legends is a global phenomenon that boasts roughly 100 million active players across the entire world throughout the span of a month. With a game that has so many players, you’ll undoubtedly breed a competitive battleground for players to compete against each other and prove their skill. Much like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, competitive League of Legends players are paid salaries and compete in leagues that are hosted by the developer of the game, Riot Games. In addition to regional leagues, there is also a world series that takes place once a year in addition to several other major events hosted by third-party organisers. In addition to the main league, there are also amateur leagues where teams can be promoted to play on the big stage, much like professional sports leagues. As one of the most popular PC games available, it’s easy to get into, there’s a never-ending supply of people to play with and make friends with, and it’s a fantastic group activity.

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