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Nostalgia: Get It From These Gaming Greats

Posted February 21, 2017 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

Nostalgia is an awesome part of life. It can make you laugh and even cry when remembering those nights playing games from years long past. Games from your childhood or even adulthood can be nostalgic, and nothing is more so than the old school PC games which trail blazed their way to the top and set the bar for so many games to follow. Gaming can do lots for your life, but being able to get those feelings of utmost nostalgia are second to none.


Doom is one of those games that now benefits from the updated monitors. They can breath more life into the monsters than ever before and the colors are far more alluring. Gaming buff have some good advice on monitors, you could read out the whole guide on their site for more information.  Doom is weirdly still enjoyable, the fast paced action and bloody gun-play still holds up today. The nostalgia from playing this game is huge and it made the first person shooter what it is today. The online mode even did wonders for multiplayer and thousands of offices had to bad doom from being played because it hurt productivity.



Age Of Empires

Another trail blazer. RTS would not be the way it is today without age of empires and particularly age of empires II. They are both stunning epics and are still played widely today. Especially online in the steam store, where you can sometimes get it for a cut price. Age Of Empires changed the PC gaming landscape when it first came out and pushed the city building market into what it is today.

Half Life

The game redefined the first person shooter by adding in a stellar story which changed and evolved the way in which we viewed FPS. No longer was it a straight up shoot fest but now there were types of puzzle solving and deep story moments to get through. The engine also spawned the ever popular counter strike, which to this day is still hugely successful.

Deus Ex

This game is hugely important because it was one of the first games that managed to fuse RPG like play with first person shooters. You could assign stats like in any other RPG game but this time they were to things involving gunplay. The game managed to forge a new path for the first person shooter that was thought previously impossible.

Tales Of Monkey Island

The ultimate in nostalgia. Most kids played it when it first came out all those years ago in 1990. It defined the point and click genre with fun visuals, a great story line and twists and turns which really made for an interesting game. The game has recently undergone a reboot under the developers telltale, but nothing compares to the fun of the original. If yu get the game through steam there is an option to keep the original game but upgrade the graphics, so you can enjoy it in all its glory while looking a bit better for wear.

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