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Make Gaming an Integral Part of Your Life

Posted August 23, 2016 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials

If you’re something of a novice when it comes to video games, perhaps you’d benefit from a beginner’s guide to gaming. It’s such a wonderful hobby, and you can make it an integral part of your life if you follow these directives.

Social Gaming

If you really want to make gaming a big part of your life, you need to make it social. You might see playing video games as something of an anti-social activity, but this isn’t the case. The best way of making gaming a big part of your life is to take part in social media gaming. Statistics show that 54% of social gamers are women, and this indicates that it might be opening up gaming to a female audience. Social gaming has grown year on year, and it is the easiest and best way of ensuring you play with friends every day.

The Latest Consoles

Every year or so it seems like somebody somewhere is releasing a new games console. The current big names on the market include the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and the Nintendo Wii U.  These are the trio of market leaders that have been the popular choice for a long time. If you are considering dipping into the console market and buying one, it’s likely you’ll be looking at these three. Which one you think is best largely depends on the type of games and gaming experience you like. Make sure you speak to friends who have the consoles and try to play on each of them before buying.


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Gaming on the Move

Mobile gaming has revolutionized the whole process of playing games. Before cellphones became the ultimate gaming tool people would carry handheld consoles around. Things like the Nintendo Game Boy or the PSP became hugely popular and sold millions of copies. These were the original handheld gaming devices, and they took the world by storm. Nowadays, it is much simpler than that. These days you can simply use your cellphone to play games. Things like the APK download and the App Store allow users to download games to their phone. Think how amazing that is, and how it makes the process of gaming that bit more appealing.

Discuss It

The best way of making anything an integral part of your life is to discuss it. You need to make sure you talk about gaming. And you should be able to find people each day that you can have conversations with. They might be your work colleagues, friends, or family members. Either way, it’s important to make sure you discuss the art of gaming as often as possible. You might choose to discuss new games, share tips, or reminisce about the old days. You could even go online and find walkthroughs for really difficult games, and then share them with one another.


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Gaming is a fun and sometimes useful pastime that you can really make a big part of your life. The video games industry is huge these days, and the material released is becoming more and more ground-breaking. Use the ideas on here to make gaming an integral part of your life.


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