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Bunneh’s Gamer Journal – Jan. 22

Posted January 25, 2016 by Bunneh3000 in Editorials

Gamers, Geeks, and Griffin-Mechs! Bunneh is back and ready to handle all the Inner Sphere and Clan madness that the BattleTech Universe can muster!

Oh yes. Ladies and gentlemen, the Mechwarrior Online Force was strong with this Jedi recently! Yeah, I know I’m mixing up the sci-fi references here but I’m PSYCHED!

The past week and some change has seen a couple of Community Challenges issued to the Mechwarrior Online masses and I was game to take on both of them!

MWO like a champion

The first challenge was the LIKE A CHAMPION – MARK III Challenge. This event was set up in preparation for the arrival of the Warhammer mech patch/update. With all of the stat tracking and ways that a player can earn xp and in-game money, there are a ton of in game ‘achievements’ and medals that can be earned for doing specific tasks. One skill based achievement in particular is called Kill Most Damage Dealt. The player dealing the most damage to a target ‘Mech, upon that ‘Mech’s destruction recieves this award once the target goes down. Essentially only 12 of these awards tops can be given to a team so getting more than one a match is truly an achievement considering the difficulty of this game.

Over the course of about a week, I was tasked with getting 40 of these in order to earn a free mech (which costs a lot of Mechwarrior Credits that are typically acquired by paying real money for). So I was all game for getting a new death-dealer to play around with. I grabbed my trio of newly customized Marauder Heavy Mechs and went to work! After a few days of grinding, I found my stride and logged 40+ of these and scored my first free mech of the game via community challenge!

Called the Cicada, this is a fast medium tonnage mech outfitted with 6 medium lasers! If fired all at once, this relatively fragile mech can do a lot of damage quickly! Honestly, I think I’m going to have to start doing a few mech preview vids to explore some of the tactics I’ve used piloting AND customizing each mech!

Then, once that challenge was complete and the Warhammer patch was finally dropped, I lept at the opportunity to check it out! Complete with it’s own community challenge and tournament, the Warhammer’s arrival was a bit underwhelming when compared to the Marauder in my opinion. Both mechs are fitted with two PPCs on most builds and the other differences are the Marauder will typically have an Autocannon while the Warhammer trudges around with either a short missile launcher or a palette of smaller lasers.



The whole experience had me thinking about possibly putting out vids on how I like to customize the mechs that I like to use. Hmmm….

Stay tuned fellow Mechwarriors!


After I finally got my fill of MWO grinding, I turned my attention to the buzz surrounding Tom Clancy’s The Division. A week or so ago, a number of journalists were treated to a demo session with the game and a modest amount of gameplay footage found its way onto Youtube. As a game that I’ve been looking forward to ever since its initial footage in last year’s E3, I was excited to see what kind of dynamic this game was going to have.

The Division

Looking like a cross between Ghost Recon gameplay, Borderlands or Destiny styled loot, and Metal Gear Solid V-esque home base building, I was drooling! Let me be clear. While I did throw those names in there for what I liken the game to be, I’ve never played it myself. Of course, that will change come this weekend as I WILL be a part of the PS4 beta that drops this Friday! I’m eager to see if I can get a troupe of friends together and roam the city streets looking for gear and building my character’s lethality all the way!

the-division gp

I’m really hoping for this game to be what I was hoping Destiny would be considering that it has a wealth of skill trees, gear, and ways to customize your fighter. Plus the game looks as if you would be wise to team up rather than go it alone.

Stay tuned for impressions of that beta and more my friends!

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A gamer since the days of Texas Instruments PCs with cartidges, I embody the 'casual' gamer moniker. RPGs, turn based strategy, hack n slashers, NBA sims, shooters, Space flight combat sims, and mech combat sims are my forte. If you need a Battlefield commander, I'm your Cylon... I mean... um... man.

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