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Bunneh3000’s Gamer Journal for Jan. 8

Posted January 13, 2016 by Bunneh3000 in Editorials

First report on my gaming adventures of 2016 and all is well my friends! I’ve finally gotten my PS4 and I’m honestly going crazy looking for more stuff to play on it. Truthfully, I’m just looking for co-op games to play with friends and so on.


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Of course, that was until I bought Fallout 4, a.k.a., Time Suckage SUPREME! I’ve found my thrill on Radiation Hill! Whew. This game makes me feel like I’m Fred Sanford (from Sanford & Sons) with an Obama complex! As the virtual leader of the Settlers R’ Us Commonwealth Organization, I find myself picking up every plate, fan, clock, toy, cup, and telephone I see laying around just so that I can dump it in a work bench and craft the most unspectacular looking sheds I’ve ever seen! Heck, I almost went bonkers when I completed my first junk fence around one of my settlements. Then I realized that each time I went out to do side missions that I was opening up one more settlement, I almost fainted! Honestly, I couldn’t tell you where I am with the main mission or story because right now, I’m not sure I care. All I want to do is build kick @$$ settlements and outfit each of the settlers with a good weapon and some armor! To what end? Who knows. Honestly, I wish Bethesda had integrated some kind of online feature much like what is done on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Maybe some outside-the-greater-Boston-area settlements that I could send ‘raider parties’ or ‘minutemen’ from to complete missions to bring back money, junk, supply routes, or whatever. That would be so killer.

Star Wars Battlefront

Anyways, with the domination of Fallout on my gaming playlist ever since just before Christmas, it is interesting to see how little I play Star Wars Battlefront. I’ve found that if I play with a friend that this game is a lot of fun. Otherwise, I feel like I’m grinding for levels to get equipment that the top 3 players on each team already have. I’m also wishing heroes from Force Awakens were available too. I shall be interesting to see what DLC brings to this game. Honestly, I’m already getting a little bored with returning to some of the same maps so often. Still, one of the biggest thrills of this game is playing as the heroes in the regular battles. I always sprint for the icon when I see it. Trust me. There is nothing more satisfying that Force choking a player and then throwing a light saber through them! Force pushing a group of players is pretty ill too! In a way, it makes we long to play The Force Unleashed again! At least until the SW Battlefront DLC comes out that is!

Thankfully, though, I was reasonable with the Steam sale… I only bought a few games that I bet I’ll never play. I snagged a Square Enix bundle that has a bunch of Tomb Raider games I’ll never play as well as some other games I might try. I think I bought the bundle so that I could play Life Is Strange and one other game that I can’t remember quite yet.

My biggest acquisition though was the purchase of RPG standout Pillars of Eternity! I kind of can’t wait to play this one considering all of the talk it has garnered since its release. Of course, I have to balance this with playing Sword Coast Legends as well which apparently has a wealth of updates to improve its gameplay as well as content. Here’s a look at what was added since my last disappointing impression of the game:

  • Drow have been added as a subrace to create characters
  • AI have been added to companions so that they don’t stand around after taking down an enemy
  • Tons of new monster abilities and tile sets for campaign creation
  • Probably some new monster types to use and customize as well.

sword coast legends mind flayer

For this game, I probably need to do a little Twitch session showing off the creation abilities as well as what I’d like to see. Still, that will take a bit of time to explore. I need to get a bit involved in the DM community and get some pointers and such.

Lastly, the loveliness of my Marauders in Mechwarrior Online are so superb! I honestly love this new trend of releasing classic mechs like the Archer, the Marauder, and the Warhammer. I’ve bought two of the three builds and they weren’t that expensive! Now all I have to do is perfect some of my builds as well as hone in on a bit of strategy and get some creds so that I can buy a bunch of modules and I’ll be a death dealing machine of …. um… death!


The Maraurder cometh.

Then, at some point, I must go back to MGS and see if I can continue my quest to save my mercs from dying of that ill virus in the game. Been so long that I’ve played that the whole base is probably dead by now! Gotta save my dude-bros.

As for jumping into 2016, my crosshairs are first settled in on experiencing what Tom Clancy’s The Division has to offer. While I am excited for this game, I’m hoping that the experience isn’t as disappointing as the online offering of Future Soldier. I think I played the multiplayer for that game for about 1 week or 2 before losing interest on that game. Campaign was great though. We’ll see though. The beta should be coming soon and the game itself I think drops in Feb or March. We’ shall see.

The Division

In the meantime, let me go back to grinding for junk…

Game on my friends. Game on.

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