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Bunneh3000’s Gaming Journal For Dec. 4

Posted December 8, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in Editorials

Turkey. Family. Games. This is how every week should be in my opinion!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I found myself fortunate enough to partake in quite a bit of gaming. After taking in quite a few space oriented video games before the holidays, I found myself wanted some familiar surroundings to relax in. You guys know what that means…BATTLEFIELD!

I know, I know. Many of you non-FPS heads may be rolling your eyes, but Battlefield 4 remains one of the best FPS games on the market. The tactical gameplay along with the vehicular combat and the massive maps makes for a fantastic experience that is quite different from the arcade-y fast pace of Halo and Call of Duty.

Anyways, the thing that brought me back into the Battlefield fold has been the recent free DLC. The Night Operations and Community Operations DLC both have new maps that are quite fun. As I looked into what these maps held for me, there was even more talk of additional maps coming for free to Battlefield 4. In addition to the two DLC I just mention, this month they plan on releasing a classic Battlefield 2 map that has been redone and updated of course. There are certainly tons of great memories of this map. Helicopters, sniping, and tank blasting galore mark many a 10,000 point plus effort on this map back in the day.


Funny how this game is getting all of this great free DLC and yet Hardline is easily becoming a forgotten memory. As I’m sure many other gamers agree, Hardline had a great idea for a theme but the small maps kind of sucked all of the life out of the various modes that even offered a chance at being fun.

Once all of that tactical-ness was done, my attention was set firmly on rounding out my NBA2K team. As it stands, my starting squad is composed of Tim Hardaway, Patrick Ewing, CHris Bosh, Courtney Lee, and Klay Thompson. I get my bench squad going with Dangelo Russell, Ray Allen, and Hassan Whiteside amongst others. I feel like it is a decent squad but it seems to be lacking the speed and athleticism needed to take out some of the elite squads easily. I may have to replace Tim Hardaway possibly with Penny if I can afford him one day soon. I also need to secure either a killer 2 guard or a dedicated SF since Klay is operating as such for me. I shall continue my grind so that I can grab the likes of Rip Hamilton, Grant Hill, John Stockton, and maybe even Eddie Jones or Gary Payton!

Of course, once that was through, I fell back into the deep dark and dank reaches of Fallout 3 again. Oh the woes of not saving when adventuring on the surface! Goodness, too many times already in my lowly 4th level days have I gone quite a distance and managed to die and forget that I needed to save! URRGH!

Then, there was Transformers Devastation. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve found the ultimate Transformers game! I had heard from so many people that this was the Transformers game we’ve all been looking for and they were right! The action elements of this game are on point and visuals are epic! Thankfully the art style as well as the sound design is as if it were straight out of the 80’s cartoon! The one thing that is missing in this game is the theme music. Well, that and a few more of my favorite Autobots of course. Still, this game is a bit on the short side. It remains as a perfect selection from my Gamefly queue and not a premium purchase!


Click To See Bunneh battle DEVASTATOR!

So, in this coming week, I’ll turn my attention from such games and attempt to continue my Mechwarrior Online and indie game grind. I’ve yet to return to Sword Coast Legends to see what additives have been made. I also need to spend a bit of time on the strategy epic Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence which just reminds me of the countless days of reading and frustration built up while playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms (which I was horrible at mind you). Lastly, I dedicate myself to finishing at least ONE game that is on my “Like to play but is too long” list. That includes Witcher 3, MGS:V, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and Farcry 3! One of those games WILL GO DOWN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON I TELL YA!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to hunt Halo noobs!

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A gamer since the days of Texas Instruments PCs with cartidges, I embody the 'casual' gamer moniker. RPGs, turn based strategy, hack n slashers, NBA sims, shooters, Space flight combat sims, and mech combat sims are my forte. If you need a Battlefield commander, I'm your Cylon... I mean... um... man.

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