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SUPERBEAT: Xonic – First Impression

Posted November 4, 2015 by Kenesu in Reviews

Hey there GP Fans! This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get my hands on SUPERBEAT: XONiC for the PS Vita and I must say I was very impressed with PM Studio and Nurijoys latest creation. While this won’t be a full-on review, I’ll still give you guys a good general idea of how the game feels and plays from my experience. For someone who’s not too fond rhythm games though finding myself heavily immersed in trying to achieve perfect play-throughs within specific songs, that definitely speaks volumes about the addictive game-play XONiC provides. While there’s a ton of different things that I love about this game, I’m going to break down to top three main aspects of the game that I personally enjoy the most.

So one of the main aspects I enjoy the most about SUPERBEAT is how challenging & unique the game plays in terms of how you hit each note to the rhythm of the beat. As most rhythm games generally have the notes scroll towards you in one direction on-screen for you to hit on beat, SUPERBEAT has each note coming at you from all different directions. Depending on whether your playing 4 Track, 6 Track, or 6 Track FX, you’ll have notes coming at you in multiple combinations from 4-6 different angles on both sides of the screen and it’s up to you to feel the rhythm and tap/slide/hold the notes all while remaining in-sync to the music. While there are three different modes to play (excluding Freestyle), they all have their own level of difficulty that you’ll want to master and graduate from. Within 4 track, you’ll only have notes coming at you from 4 different directions. While this is typically seen as “easy mode”, there are certain songs within the game that are quite chaotic from the start and can easily overwhelm you if your not prepared. It’s honestly all about knowing the song and knowing when to hit the notes. If you can get the feel of the beat and become familiar with the placement of the notes, you’ll be be able to perform “All Combos” on multiple songs in no time.

Another thing I also felt was really interesting with the game is that SUPERBEAT can be played by utilizing the touchscreen or simply using the D-pad and signature buttons. After experimenting with both, I found pleasure in playing in both modes though buttons seemed more natural to me since I’m using entering command buttons whenever I play my games rather than scrolling my finger across a screen for game-play. Though I will say that while using the buttons gave me more accurate results, I actually felt more connected to the music when using the touchscreen and establishing a flow I could groove to while striking and swiping the notes on the touchscreen.

The third and probably the most obvious thing I absolutely love about this game is the music. This game comes jam-packed with music from all types of genres and does a great job of capturing music-lovers from across the globe with different tastes. From K-pop, Rock, and RnB, to Dance, Metal, and Hiphop, Nurijoy made sure to compile a unique and diverse playlist for music-lovers of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy when playing SUPERBEAT. What’s even more interesting is that it’s not just the playable tracks that are amazing, the background music provided outside of the playable stages is great as well. I was so aggravated when I failed for the first time on SUPERBEAT but oddly found myself grooving to the music playing on the “you failed” screen shortly afterwards. Who does that? Though that in turn brought me back into a good mood to later on demolish that same track. The music in this game definitely works its magic on you and it’s really easy to get lost within it, in and outside of game-play. I highly recommend you guys to pre-order SUPERBEAT so that you can receive all the music provided within SUPERBEAT on a disc for your listening pleasure. If you’re interested in doing so, check out the article here describing how you could do so.

Hopefully this gives you a little bit of what SUPERBEAT: XONiC has to offer for the PS Vita. It’s honestly an amazing game and if you’re a fan of rhythm-based music games they you should DEFINITELY check it out. Leave your comments below letting me know what your personal thoughts are of SUPERBEAT so far and remember to keep it locked to GP as we keep you up to date with everything circulating within your gaming universe. See ya!

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