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Kat’s Gamer Journal for Nov 19th

Posted November 20, 2015 by Kat in Editorials
Batman Arkham Knight

Even as the holidays descend upon us, I’m still somewhat behind the times – as I’ve rather been for much of the last few years as I came to the seventh generation relatively late in its run. This meant an excellent library of games available for me to occupy my time, but it’s also somewhat perpetually stuck me as being just a bit behind everyone else in the landscape of things.

I finally managed to purchase a PlayStation 4 back in July, and so I’m still feeling my way out with the somewhat comparatively smaller library it currently boasts (that is, in comparison to what the PS3 had by the time the eight generation rolled around). But there have still have been some solid titles to catch my interest. Even as I gaze somewhat wistfully at the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider knowing it’ll probably be another whole year before it comes to the PS4 so I can play it (since I can’t afford to buy an Xbox One at present).

Most recently, I’ve been working through my play of Batman: Arkham Knight which came bundled with the system. I had the disadvantage of not having played the first two titles in the series, but was optimistic it would still be crafted in such a way as to allow accessibility for newbies like me.

Fortunately, I was right. I had a lot of difficulty with the Batmobile right out of the gate (having come to game with similar vehicular experience more of the Mass Effect and Borderlands variety) and was unprepared for the more tank-like attributes of the vehicle’s primary mode. That being said, it grew on me to the point that I genuinely enjoyed its inclusion into the game: the speed and mastering drift on sharp curves can take some getting used to, but it’s a great way to jetison around Gotham from one task to the next. And the vehicular combat sections that involve fighting against militia forces have been a treat.

I had already read from online sources that the Joker was dead as of the end of Arkham City so I didn’t know what to expect from him going in – which made for a kind of pleasant surprise. The character does of course crop up in almost every incarnation of Batman primarily because he’s considered the Dark Knight’s greatest nemesis – but rarely have I seen anyone examine the psychology to it to such a fascinating degree. Especially the implicit emphasis on the inherent similarities between the two individuals – the almost Cain and Able like nature to their existence and relationship. Every cutscene that involved this, every hallucination of the Joker, every time the game created that sense of unreality and unease in his reappearance, has emphasized to me what a truly fantastic story Rocksteady has crafted for this title.

I also recently purchased Transistor off the PlayStation Store, though I’m only a short way into it. I easily get caught up in the glam of AAA titles, and while indie titles rarely scratch the itch for me, I like to dabble in them every now and again to remind myself to support the smaller and more creative minds as well. Plus, the game had such glowing reviews and a tantalizing enough premise that I had intended to give it a go once I got the system. Already I’m enjoying the combat system and am appreciating the ease in which I’ve been able to pick up its usage and nuances. I can’t wait to see how it – and the story – fleshes out.

Photo Source: Kotaku

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