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Bunneh3000’s Gamer Journal For Nov. 19th

Posted November 23, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in Editorials

Fall. Sweet Fall. Oh how my ding dang wallet hates thee!

Yeah. I’m still complaining. There are far too many games out there for me to get as well as play nowadays and Fallout 4’s release was probably the tipping point. My mind jogs back to the days when I first delved into Fallout 3 and the memories were priceless! The ragdoll physics that would occur after a sick V.A.T.S. calculated headshot (or other body part for that matter) were always quite enjoyable.

Oddly enough, after talking to many other gamers who didn’t partake in Fallout 3’s amazing journey, the game itself is hard to go back to on the previous gen consoles. I remember trying to play the game months ago on an amazing misssion that involved a bunch of the Brotherhood of Steel (along with some massive robot) launching an epic assault on someone. While the mission was amazing, I did have to grind through being lost in some factory or something with some pretty grainy looking graphics. It was very dull and hard to look at. Still, moving around in the darkness and having mutated looking zombie things jump out at you conjured all kinds of nostalgic anxiety that reminded me why I loved game despite not completing it. Just like Skyrim, I was overwhelmed by the scope of each of the games and found myself caught up in simply exploring, destroying, and crafting moreso than the actual main mission. Such is the downside of open world games.

FO3 mutant

Still, that didn’t stop me from going to and purchasing a PC version of Fallout 3 for those moments when I want to jump into an open world epic. I foresee my kids playing on my consoles a lot in December which will leave me monitoring them from my gaming PC as I listen to them giggle at the Minecraft or Halo insanity that they regularly enjoy. Complete with a bunch of DLC from the original Fallout 3, I think it will tide me over until the little ones have had their Christmas fill of video gamery.

With all of that radioactive goodness on my mind, the previous week also had me turning towards memories of my most favorite Star Wars games. As I looked to my list of Star Wars’ best efforts, I couldn’t help but set my mind adrift towards other spacey pew pew conflicts of epic proportions as well. By this I mean epic space games that involved big wars of some sort. Memories of the countless hours spent on the classic strategy game Master of Orion came to mind first. Recently, World of Tanks developer turned their sights towards the newly acquired IP that was of Micropose fame back in the 80’s. This game was the grandaddy of all 4X strategy games and brilliantly coupled rougelike elements before the term was even coined! Besides that, it also included fleet customization and the ability to take the role of different races in your fleeting attempt to conquer the stars!

Master of Orion Sakkra

I remember the many times I would spend weeks building up a fleet and a series of colonies only to have my empire swarmed by the massive numbers of the Sakkra. Not only that, I remember the increasingly difficult diplomacy tactics I employed as my spies were caught from time to time trying to steal technological advances from other races. It always seemed that no matter how hard I tried, my technology regularly lagged behind the rest of the field. Expanding to new colonies was an exhilarating die roll and getting stuck with planets that needed to be terraformed often times could make or break a session early on. Honestly, a part of me can’t wait for the new edition of Master of Orion to be released.


Another time-suck game that I remembered having epic conflicts playing was the timeless XCOM series. Even the recently developed XCOM: Enemy Unknown blew today’s gamers away with its difficulty, frustrating execution (some soldiers couldn’t even hit at point blank range), and overwhelming numbers in some missions. I always cringed when a mission had zombie-producing Chryssalids knowing that unless I rushed carelessly through the map to rescue civilians, that I would soon get overwhelmed by zombies and more of the insect-like Chryssalids. For me, they were the most fearsome of all of the alien types thrown at me. Still, the dynamic of wanting to capture some of the aliens alive for research and tech advancement purposes made this game a strategic juggernaut. Between that and the desire to train and build your soldiers (whom you get attached to) and not lose them, you had a game that really had you on the edge of your seat EVERY time you dropped into a new location.

Of course, you also have great space games like Mass Effect and Wing Commander that round out the whole space epic debate. Unfortunately, revisiting classic games like that wasn’t on my recent gaming list. Instead, my interests took an indie turn.

Yet again I jumped on the Rebel Galaxy bandwagon to see if I could grind out enough credits to purchase a better ship. Finally that game has a majority of its game crashing issues resolved and it runs smoothly.


Once I completed that I jump into one of the most nostalgic Robotech-esque games I’ve ever played called Galak Z. The game levels play like TV episodes and the entire mission is filled with random banter, story based conversation, and not so subtle nods to Robotech as a series. This game is certainly no joke on the difficulty meter as well. Despite controlling a bit like Asteroids, the game is quite hard in the whole dodging department (at least until you get a juke move). This indie title by 17 Bit is highly recommended by yours truly.

There you have it ladies and gents. Here’s to another spectacular week in gaming!

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