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Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault Was Unbalanced DICE Says

Posted October 16, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News

Star Wars Battlefront ended its open beta this week and opinions of the shiny new Star Wars game were certainly mixed. While every mode was not unlocked the Battle of Hoth (or Walker Assault) was. To say the least, this mode or battle was probably played the most, but fans felt as if it was a bit unbalanced.

While I’m certain that a number of fans don’t think this is the case, community manager Matthew Everette was quoted on Twitter saying that there was a beta balancing issue on this battle that favored the Empire.

In truth, that is how the battle should be if you are a die hard Star Wars fan. The rebels are expected to activate and defend radar posts that signal bombers. These bombers come in and damage the massive AT-AT walkers which are nigh invulnerable save for a few short moments when everyone can damage them. Also, if a player is utilizing the snowspeeders, they can use tow cables to instantly take one down. The battle is certainly hard but not impossible. Teamwork on the rebel side is key as is air support with X and A wing fighters in order to win this battle. During my sortie, I did manage to win a few times as the Rebels despite the difficulty.

We will see if DICE nerfs the battle and makes things a bit easier. Hopefully not. Still, it would be nice to manage the respawn areas a bit better to avoid base raping.

(Source: VG24/7)

(Image Source: PopSci)

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