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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions + Mode Preview

Posted October 19, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in Previews

I love Star Wars. While we’ve seen a huge number of Star Wars games over the years, as of late, that stream has slowed down a bit due to Lucasfilm now being owned by Disney. Now that the Star Wars franchise is all Disney-ized and the new movie is set to start the Jedi craze once more, the onslaught of Star Wars gaming has begun again. Thankfully, this has meant the rebirth of Star Wars Battlefront!

Recently, DICE and EA unleashed the beta for this Battlefield-esque version of Star Wars warfare. For the most part, this game remains comfortably nestled in the combat style and atmosphere that past Star Wars Battlefront games had. Vehicular combat, heroes, and all of the iconic sound effects and such return which is all pretty standard for Star Wars games. Controls-wise the game was easy to manipulate given experience with other FPS games. Yes, I said it. In the past, Battlefront was a third person view title only but now they’ve added in an interesting feature that allows you to swap between both view types based on how you want to play. This can be handy for controlling the vehicles in particular. I noticed that aiming to try and hit tiny people when in a walker can be a bit difficult at long range. Switching up the view sometimes helped.

Also interesting was the system that allows you to earn ‘credits’, unlock new weapons and gadgets, and then equip them as different loadouts rather than having different classes of characters to stick to. This flexibility seems ideal. While the visual customization portion of the beta wasn’t unlocked yet, it was still interesting to see that is a future option for the full release. Here’s hoping some of those custom outfits will provide some in-game bonuses like finding loot or something.

As shown by my poor Battle of Hoth gameplay in the video, the Walker Assault is quite hard to play if you are on the side of the Rebels. This is actually how it should be according to the battle. I’ve actually played a match where we were able to destroy the last AT-AT walker just before the generators were destroyed thanks to some nifty flying by one lone snowspeeder that used a tow cable to trip up the walker. While there has been news that this mode will be balanced better in the full release, I’m hoping they don’t change too much.

What is more interesting is how they have different modes:

Fighter Squadron – this mode is a straight up space fight. Should be interesting if this is only with one ‘map’ that was shown in the trailer or if there will be Cloud City or ‘amidst Capital Ship battles’. The glorious trailer showing the use of the Millenium Falcon or Boba Fett’s Slave One vessel as ‘hero units’ only makes me salivate more for this game!

Supremacy – This mode sounds like your typical Conquest mode in Battlefield. While Endor was the only map mentioned on the website, I’m certain all kinds of battles and maps will be featured in this mode. This is appealing because the mode features air and land vehicles of all types. With 40 players on a massive map, this is the fight you’ve been looking for!

  • Cargo – This mode is like capture the flag without having to run the flag back to your base. Here you simply collect as much cargo as possible in a tug of war kind of scoring match. With close quarters combat between 12 players, the action does sound like it could be furious.
  • Hero Hunt – This mode is kind of like Evolve I suppose. One person is the overpowered hero character and everyone else must kill him. Whoever does becomes the hero next. This sounds likes it is for those who don’t get to be the hero that often in other modes.
  • Blast – This 10v10 mode is basically deathmatch with random weapon and gadget power-ups that pop up around the maps. There are no vehicles here.
  • Droid Run – This 6v6 mode forces you to chase around and capture 3 mobile droids without the help of vehicles, heroes, and such. This is close quarters combat on the run.
  • With those as your multiplayer missions, there are actually modes where you play with AI opponents in co-op style modes.
  • Survival – This is basically a horde mode versus waves of Imperial forces. With power-ups galore and various maps to choose from, this may end up being a fave for local co-op fans.
  • Battles – This mode seems to be you against the AI (with or without a friend) without the interference of hero units. Not much has been released about this mode.
  • Hero Battles – Chose a hero and take on the AI. Simply put, this is the mode for me! All I need now is for them to let me be Darth Maul and they can have all my monies!
  • Heroes vs Villains – Imaginations can run wild here since not a lot of info is available!

In the end, this seems to be the compilation of all we could be hoping for in a Star Wars game. Stay tuned for more!

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