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Nightingale’s Top 10 Scariest Video Games (2015)

Posted October 31, 2015 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Editorials
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Happy Halloween everyone!!! It’s that super spooky time of year where we bust out the horror flicks and scary video games, and it’s my favorite time of year. This time of year makes me pretty nostalgic of all of the scary games I’ve played thus far, so I thought I’d compile a list of my top 10 scariest (or creepiest, in some cases) video games I’ve played. So without further adu, my list! (This list is in no particular order from best to worst of vise-versa)
1. Resident Evil:
One of the first horror games that I actually played, and I played it back when it originally released on the original PlayStation. The atmosphere is eerie, and automatically puts you on the edge of your seat as anything could jump out at anytime. So many things to scare the ever living crap outta you, but I think what got me the most was the fact that I didn’t know to burn the zombies’ bodies after I killed them… as they would become this super fast zombie of death that would chase you down… I think next in line would be those damn Hunters!
2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
What more needs to be said other than the name ‘Nemesis’? I mean, if you’ve played this game, you’ll know what I mean… Just sneaking around minding your own business when all the sudden this giant mutant thing just starts busting through walls and tries to grab you and, well, kill you. Just the fact that you never know when he’ll pop out is terrifying all on its own.
3. Haunting Grounds
One of the first games I got for my PS2… A game that very few have heard of, but is definitely something you should check out. It’s more of the survival horror genre, where you survive by running and hiding, and hoping to the gods of gaming you don’t get found by the many predators that are lurking around. The only weapon you have at your defense is a white wolf that you have come to befriend in the game. The game is chilling and full of jump-scares and hiding for your life… You’ll love it.
4. Clock Tower 3
I’ve never played any of the other Clock Tower games, only this one, and this one had me squealing like a little girl. Go back into another era of time, and deal with an axe murderer chasing after you all while calling out to you in a creepy, gravely voice saying “Alyssa… where are you?!” This guy, much like Nemesis, would pop out of nowhere and chase you down until you were able to hide successfully. But keep in mind, if you reuse the same hiding spots too many times, he’ll figure it out and yank you right out of your sanctuary…
5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (creep factor)
Now to me, this game wasn’t scary per say, but it had more of a creep factor and a whole lot of “What the frak?!” This game preyed on your mental state more than anything, even going as far as switching the game’s volume from high to low, and even punking you by faking a save error on your GameCube’s memory card! It’s a shame this game didn’t get more recognition than it did, but it is definitely one you should not miss out on.
6 .Fatal Frame series
I couldn’t pick one particular game from this series as all of them have scared the ever-living crap out of me ever since I was younger. Using a camera to defeat and trap evil spirits? Where do I sign up?! Also, the lore behind it is pretty awesome, as in Japanese myth they actually believe that cameras can capture your soul…
7. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (creep factor)
Now this game was not even made with the intent to be scary, it’s a Zelda games for Pete’s sake, but this game was so creepy, it gave me many a goosebump as a child playing this on my N64. The setting of the game was eerie from the very start, with more and more creepy things happening. Turning the dying and/or dead into masks for you to wear, to a creepy mummy in the canyon, to Majora’s Mask itself. Although this game may not scare you, it will definitely have you scratching you head and asking “Why, Nintendo, Whyyyyy?!
8. Silent Hill series
Once again just like with the Fatal Frame series, I couldn’t pick a specific one as all of them had their super scary elements, most of which featuring Pyramid Head, a thing of nightmares. Eerily walking around with nothing more than a handgun or a 2×4 as your weapon and a flashlight if you’re lucky all while battling creatures of undetermined origin? Yeah… Don’t play this in a dark room, boys and girls.
9. Outlast
Okay, so I never actually finished this game, and that right there says it all. Haunted mental institution where these deformed god-knows-what’s come chasing after you, and ultimately find you and brutally kill you. Like, hiding is so hard in this game, as they will hunt you down, the A.I. is super intelligent in this game and makes for quite a challenge. Have you played and finished this game? If so, I commend you.
10. Slender: The Eight Pages
I downloaded this game for free, and I’m glad I did…  Being a huge fan of the Slenderman legends, I had to check it out. There is nothing creepier than being in a forest by yourself in first-person view with nothing more than a flashlight, but if you use your flashlight too much, he will find you… You’ll know good ol’ Slendy is near by as you will begin to hear static, after that, if he corners you, you’re done for.
What games have you played that have scared the life out of you? What games would you recommend that I should check out? Let’s chat in the comments below!!!
(Adapted from the author’s personal blog)
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