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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Coming In October

Posted September 1, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News

Ever since I can remember, Star Wars has been an instrumental part of my gaming life. From flying X-Wings on the surface of the Death Star to running around on the surface of Hoth as AT-AT walkers destroy everything around you, Star Wars Battlefront has always been a fantastic way to be immersed in the legendary battles of the Star Wars franchise. It is about to happen once again as Star Wars Battlefront is returning to the gaming universe in a big way.

While the game itself doesn’t come out until November 17, 2015, EA and DICE are allowing fans to get their grubby little hands on the next definitive Star Wars gaming experience in early October. Unless you don’t already know, this version of Battlefront will NOT have a story mode or campaign and will stick to delivering online multiplayer goodness we’ve all come to love from the franchise. Also, you’ll be allowed to play in either first person or third person mode (the later of which the previous versions of the game was in) and switch between the two whenever you want.

One of the maps available will (of course) be the Battle of Hoth where up to 40 players will become a part of the AT-AT Walker Imperial Assault on the Rebel base. This means that heroes like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will probably be accessible to play as if your performance is worthy of the force taking notice!

Also to be included is a horde styled mode called Survival Mission on Tatooine. This mode will pit two players in a co-op battle against waves of oncoming Imperial foes.

Lastly, an unrevealed mode called “Drop Zone” will be available as well. EA will reveal details on this mode at a later date.

Can’t wait to dig into this amazing mashup of Star Wars and Battlefield once again!


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