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Elite Xbox One Boots Up 20% Faster…[snore]

Posted September 4, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News

Microsoft’s new Xbox One with a 1 TB solid state hybrid hard drive and new Elite Controller is said to be the “ultimate gaming experience“. While I’m certain the statement will get a side eye from most fans, there does seem to be another benefit to this bundle that tech heads will say is expected.

Due to the addition of this new hard drive, the Xbox One Elite will be able to manage and access frequently used files much faster than the previous Xbox One which features a traditional hard disc drive. In laymen’s terms, this means that the ‘new hotness’ Xbox One will basically boot up 20% faster. It does not, however, mean that the new drive will load or install games any faster though as some outlets initially reported.

The larger hard drive is certainly welcome as the size of games and DLC this generation are quite high. Throw in the desires of the masses to ‘record that‘ and even use DVR capability with the TV and you have a memory devouring machine! Of course, this new Elite bundle will cost a whopping $500. If you ask me, for this price, the Kinect should be tossed in there for free.

Microsoft also mentioned that they’ve a cute new color scheme for their Elite controller. Called the “Lunar White“, this new controller sports all of the features of an Elite Controller (including wireless functionality with Windows 10 machines), faux gold triggers and D pad, and improved grip texture for those of you with sweaty palms. Due out in late September, this controller will cost $65.

(Source: Gamestop)

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