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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Includes DLC

Posted June 26, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News
backwards pic

Microsoft did the right thing by solving whatever issue there was for backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Do you know what is even better though? Xbox 360 DLC backwards compatibility!

Now it may be ‘understandable’ that this should be a thing, but having those all important DLC packs for games like maybe Fallout 3 or Skyrim or Borderlands is super important. At this point, the decision is still left up to the publisher but Xbox minions have told the masses that it is possible.

So that means that Xbox 360 classics like Bioshock Infinite or various Lego games or any of the Batman Arkham games could have their full fledged day in the sun on the Xbox One complete with their excellent DLC.

Of course the real push in the Xbox forums seems to be leaning towards getting Red Dead Redemption and various old Call of Duty games available. In those cases, the DLC would be all important especially for the Call of Duty games. First person shooters are basically nothing without their map packs. Also, since Halo Reach isn’t part of the Master Chief Collection (since Master Chief isn’t in this game) having the map packs in this game would be important as well.

(Source: vg247)

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