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FF7 Remake Could Be Drastically Different From Original

Posted June 22, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News
FF7 remake ps4

Remakes of nostalgic games are always a risky thing. Companies have at times promised to remake old classics and at times have completely ruined what made the original great. A recent Double Dragon remake was a clear example of that. Golden Axe, Narc, and even Ghost N Goblins remakes were pretty bad as well.

Now that we have the golden grail of promises from Square Enix in a Final Fantasy 7 remake, a ton of gamer anxiety has arisen. It’s clear that they are going to have to do more than just pretty up the cutscenes. Since they’ve already done a HD version of FF7 for PC (which is coming to PS4 I think), a remake is going to need to, well, remake something more than just graphics. The very first candidate is certainly the battle system. The old RPG turn based style of gameplay is not even a standard for recent Final Fantasy games so I imagine that will be the first thing to go. Problem is that there is a chance that even more can be changed such as the story.

The trailer did show familiar scenery and Cloud himself but the cryptic trailer offered us little more than visuals to drool over the idea. What if characters were change up a bit or more characters were added? What if Aerith doesn’t die or Sephiroth wasn’t the main boss?

Engadget managed to catch up with project director Tetsura Nomura to ask about the direction for the remake and here was an interesting part.

You’ve called it a remake, but what’s going to change? Will the story change?

TN: Hah! Well, that’s something that literally… [He gestures to his open laptop].

Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit for more info.

(Source: vg247)

(Image: Image: TurtleKermit Youtube)

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