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Nightingale’s Mortal Kombat X Review – “GET OVER HERE!!!”

Posted April 22, 2015 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in Reviews

Being a life-long fan of the Mortal Kombat series, it was a given that I was going to buy the latest installment into the series, Mortal Kombat X.

Developer: NetherRealm Studios, High Voltage Software
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 (used for review), Xbox One
Release Date: April 14th, 2015

Already owning a PlayStation 4, I knew that one of the titles I’d be bringing into my ever-growing PS4 Library would be Mortal Kombat X…I mean, it’s a must, at least for me anyways. I remember first playing Mortal Kombat on my SEGA GameGear, man, has this series come a long way! I’ve kept up with the series as it has progressed over the years, playing pretty much every Mortal Kombat game I could get my hands on. I’ve got to say that Mortal Kombat X has surpassed them all.

You have a great character roster, bringing back old favorites along with some new kids on the block…and pun intended, as some of the new characters are kids of the older characters. We see Sonya and Johnny’s daughter, Cassie, join in, alongside Jacqui, Jax’s daughter. Even Kenshi’s son is in the game (and all of them are some of my personal favorites to play, especially Cassie). 

Fatalities and Brutalities still take center stage in the game, some of which I have yet to master. The characters moves are fun and fresh, yet they still have some of their old moves from previous games, only made better.

Online play is smooth (or what I’ve encountered so far on the PS4 anyways). And the Faction Wars that have been incorporated into the game is an excellent addition, giving way more to the gameplay other than just Story, Versus, and Tower. 

For me, the Story in this game took center stage. In past games, the story always felt forced, like it just needed to be there just to be there. This one however was quite different from the previous ones. It had depth, and made you adhere yourself to each character you had to play as. And I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say there were some slight feels in the story as well. I’ve got to say NetherRealms did wonderfully this time around on the Story mode.

If you’re a fan of the series and you have yet to pick this game up, SHAME ON YOU, I SAY! As soon as you get the chance to snag this game, do it. You won’t regret it. And to those of you who have yet to venture into the series that is Mortal Kombat, now it your greatest chance to get started on the series, though once you play Mortal Kombat X, all the others won’t seem as great in comparison.

Final Score:




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