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Xbox 360 Spring Bundles Are Here

Posted March 27, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News

Thank God for the spring! Whew! I was really getting sick of the East Coast Snowpacalypse personally. For a lot of people that thaw out means that their refund checks are here and they are ready to start spending some hard earned cash! Microsoft is banking on that and have recently announced their all new Xbox 360 bundles.

  • Xbox 360 500 GB Spring Value Bundle ($250) — Comes with Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and Fable Anniversary (available worldwide).
  • Xbox 360 4 GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle (Pricing not disclosed) — Comes with Kinect Sports Ultimate and Kinect Adventures (available in select regions only)
  • Xbox 360 500 GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle (Pricing not disclosed) — Comes with Kinect Sports Ultimate and Kinect Adventures (available in selection regions only)

It’s interesting to see such a focus on the Kinect as a bundle on the 360 console. Considering there was such a quick rush to abandon the Kinect only Xbox One strategy, you would think that Microsoft had essentially given up on the Kinect. Personally, it seems as if developers have as the games mentioned above are quite old even for the 360 gaming library.

Still, these 500 GB 360’s do have a massive library of games that could be good as a backup or ‘give it to the kids’ console for most households. If I were Microsoft, I would stop beating around the bush and just bundle the old console with Minecraft and be done with it.

No one ever listens to me though!

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