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Titanfall DLC Is Free For X1, X360, And PC Pilots

Posted March 13, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News
Titanfall evil empire - specters and titans

Titanfall was a pretty decent exclusive for the Xbox One’s early adopter library. Now, Respawn Entertainment and Electronics Arts are rewarding their faithful, as well as anyone else late to the game, with free DLC. By free I mean ALL of the DLC for the game is free! This includes the X1, X360 and PC versions now.

That’s right people. Even if you bought the game for cheap and weren’t too impressed with the lonely multiplayer, the DLC provides additional modes and maps that should wet your Titanfall appetite quite a bit! Named IMC Rising, Expedition, and Frontier’s Edge, each of these DLC packs include 3 maps to add to your appetite for destruction.

Interestingly enough, a majority of the great content that was added to this game was included in the free updates they provided throughout the previous year. Things like the Frontier Defense mode (which was a limited time thing), the Black Market for buying and selling Burn Cards, and adding Burn Cards as well.

Unfortunately, none of these DLC packs included major content like new Titans or new Pilot classes or pilot weapons. Much like the Call of Duty DLC of old, all that was added were new maps. Still, for a game that is dependent on the multiplayer experience, having more areas to stomp around in helps.

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