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The PlayStation Update 3/3/15

Posted March 3, 2015 by Kenesu in News

 What’s going on ya’ll, Kenesu here to give y’all the rundown on what’s been released on the PlayStation Store this week. A good amount of sequels and remakes have hit the store this week followed a couple of fresh new titles to check out as well. Check the list below for what the PlayStation Store has to offer us for this week:

Aces of the Air

Take to the air and prove yourself to be the King of the Skies in this classic PS1 Flight Simulator, Aces of The Air. Choose your plane of choice and put your flight skills to the test as you’ll be tasked with 10 missions to complete, each needing to be completed in 30 minutes or less. So thinking fast and on the fly (no pun intended) is what’s going to get you through the clouds and out of harms way in this game. Strafe and Dogfight your way to glory and prove your worth to the gods of the air above. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store as a PS1 Classic for the PS3 and PS4.


Think you’ve got what it takes to survive against an onslaught of monsters that are waiting to tear you apart limb from limb? Well with 30+ weapons at your disposal, you’ll definitely be prepared for the job. In this top-down, fast-paced shooter you’ll be facing everything from Aliens and Huge Mutant Lizards to Giant Spiders and much more as you try and survive through hordes of monsters coming at you from all directions. You’ll have 60 quests to complete and will unlock weapons as you progress through them to aid you in your goal for survival. If you really think you’re bad ass, you can take on 5 survival modes and see how you hold up against the rest of the world in the leader-boards. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS3 and is a 3-way cross-buy for the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.


Join up with the elite unit known as the Helldivers and work together to protect SuperEarth from enemy threats while completing Intel missions and restoring peace back to the land of SuperEarth and the Galaxy itself. You’ll be forced to work together as a team and decide what is the best course of action to complete missions and destroy enemy monsters as friendly fire is always on, making you think twice about shooting in any direction your comrades may be even with enemies in that area. Dividing and conquering will definitely play a huge factor in this game as you’ll want to keep everyone alive while neutralizing your threats and completing the mission all in one go. Keep your eyes open and stay sharp, your part of the Elite now. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS3 and is a 3-way cross-buy for the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.

La-Mulana EX

Originally created and released in Japan on May 27th of 2005, La-Mulana finally makes its way to the Playstation Universe as La-Mulana EX. You’ll play as Lemeza who is on a quest for life itself and the secrets within it. The gameplay is very similar to Metroid as there’s not really one set path to take and no hints as to where you actually need to go though power-ups are available throughout the stages that assist you in progressing in the game and getting you where you need to go. Explore the tombs within La-Mulana and uncover its mysteries through solving puzzles and strategically traversing from one point to the next. The difficulty has been upped in this game from its previous first release so if you had a chance to import and play this game when it first came out, you’ll definitely notice the difference in difficulty, presenting a whole new challenge for you. This game is currently available for purchase on the PS Vita through the PlayStation Store.

OlliOlli2 – Welcome to Olliwood

Making a big jump from the streets to the big time, OlliOlli2 takes your skater and places them on the big screen executing ollies, stunts,and flips over and around different cinematic areas. From the old west, to theme parks, train tracks, and factories, grind your way across huge rails and time your jumps over huge gaps and hills to obtain the best score. Take on multiplayer mode and aim to leave everyone else in the dust and place #1 on the leader-boards. With a awesome new soundtrack to boot for your listening pleasure as you grind it up, OlliOlli is a fun and fast-paced skating experience that your thumbs are sure to hate you for after-wards. This game is currently available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS4 and PS Vita.

Oreshika – Tainted Bloodlines

Your clan was put to death for a crime they never committed and had 2 curses put upon them in the process. By the grace of the gods, you were the chosen one to be resurrected and now with new life are searching for those who cursed and killed your clan through false accusations. Journey through generations as you battle fleets of enemies within Japan and restore the pride that once rested within the name of your clan. This game is currently available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita.


Platforming with one character these days is a challenge enough…. try doing so with 2 characters while they’re joined together by an air hose… in space. Take control of 2 space janitors as they make their way through multiple space stations by manipulating their size and weight from one another through the air hose that connects them in hopes to save humanity and restore the galaxy back to its peaceful state… kind of. This game is currently available for purchase through the PlayStation store for the PS4.

White Night

Survival horrors usually do nothing for me yet this game seems to really intrigue me with its cell-shaded black and white visual set up. From running into an unknown woman with your car to exploring an old 1930’s styled mansion that she she seemed to have limped off to from the bloody trail you’ve come to follow, you’ll instantly be locked into a world of darkness, exploring the mansion and solving puzzles along the way all while avoiding unknown dangers that are surely lurking within the shadows. Though you don’t know what lies in the shadows, you know something is there. Whether its there to harm you or assist you, that remains to be determined by you. This game is currently available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

Zombie Army Trilogy

Get thrown back into the midst of World War 2, where Hitler decides to bring forth to the table the last card up his sleeve…. an army of undead soldiers and demons swarming to seize, destroy, and conquer Europe and everything within it. Remastered for the PS4, you’ll have 25 weapons to choose from to gun down fleets of undead soldiers and demons throughout 15 missions in either solo or co-op mode. You’ll have 8 characters to choose from, 4 being brand new female characters added to the roster. Also added to the game is the new Horde Mode that will have you shooting through a never ending tide of undead soldiers, each wave being more aggressive and growing larger in size than the last wave. This game is currently available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

So how do y’all feel about the line of games that have come out this week? Any games in particular you’ve been anticipating and itching to play? Leave your comments below and be sure to check back next week for what the PlayStation Universe has to offer to our world of gaming. See ya!

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