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Masahiro Sakurai Speaks About the New Smash Bros. Character that “Never Made It” & Why

Posted March 23, 2015 by Kenesu in News

In a recent interview, Smash Bros Game Director Masahiro Sakurai released some information that’s gotten a lot of attention from the smash community. Apparently there was another character that was suppose to be added to the roster of Super Smash Bros. 4 and almost made the cut but at the last minute was dropped from the list and later added on as an assist trophy. This character was none other than Takamaru, the samurai protagonist from the Mysterious Murasame Castle Series.

Masahiros explanation as to why Masahiro and his team decided it was best to not add him to the roster was that they felt the character he wasn’t as known to the Nintendo community in comparison to the other characters that were already on the smash bros roster. So with that in mind, they scraped the idea of adding Takahara to the roster and instead chose to add him to the game as an assist trophy that you could later unlock through game-play.

I’m not sure if any of you would feel the same way I do, but I would’ve DEFINITELY rather have had Takamaru enter the Smash Bros. realm as the awesome samurai he is as opposed to “Dark Pit”. I don’t know, dark-clone version vs. awesome samurai character? I’m going with the samurai ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. Plus, just because a character isn’t that well known at the time doesn’t mean that it can’t get the proper recognition it deserves when put on the right platform. Let’s just hypothetically say no one knows who Takamaru is but they make him out to be a pretty well balanced character to play on Smash Bros. On a game like Smash Bros. where millions of people are playing the game, there’s going to be someone that’s going to wonder who exactly Takamaru is. Then when curiosity hits, Google searches start, and after possibly researching the character and the game Takamaru came from, that player may be interested enough in Takamaru to actually want to buy the game and get more into him. BOOM! Seed planted, sales go flying.

Though that’s not a guaranteed scenario, it’s definitely bound to happen. I’m pretty sure there are Smash players out there that weren’t really into Kirby or Zelda until they played smash but afterwards got interested in the characters, checked out their games and their love for the character grew more from there. I feel like they could have taken the chance to add him just to see how the community would’ve received him. Even if he wasn’t received well, it wouldn’t have hurt them to where people would drop Smash and just not like it anymore all because of one character. He just wouldn’t have been played much, thus Masahiro and his team know to probably not add him to the next game. Realistically though…… who wouldn’t want to play with a Samurai on Smash? I know I would. Oh well, at least Mewtwo is almost here.

So what are y’all’s thoughts on this matter? Do you feel Masahiro and his team made the right decision in not adding Takaharu to the roster or do you wish he would’ve been more than an assist trophy? Leave your comments below and keep it locked to GP as we keep you up to date one whats circulating within your gaming universe. See ya.

Source: IGN

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