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Kojima/Konami Split… Unexpected or Premeditated?!?

Posted March 20, 2015 by Kenesu in News

Since yesterday morning there have been tons of rumors and accusations made on Hideo Kojimas departure from Konami. Did he leave on his own? Was he forced out? Is MGS5 still coming out? Well, I purposely let this topic linger for the whole day because I knew that some truth would surface and when it did, I wanted to be able to display all the facts to you all and not just a bunch of hoax that were simply made up around the corner. Here’s what is definite about the Hideo Kojima/Konami split so far….

The fallout between Kojima Productions & Konami stemmed from a power struggle from MGS5 & future projects…

MGS5 IS still coming out, yet it will be the last MGS game that Kojima will have his hands on…

A Hideo Kojima Game” subtitles have been removed from MGS5 Splash Page, Legacy Collection, and MGS 5: Ground Zero…

Kojima’s Twitter Account no longer exist…

Kojima Website (KojiPro) now links to a Metal Gear Solid Portal…

Kojima Productions’ LA website now redirects to the Konami Website and all jobs that were listed under the Kojima Website are now posted within the Konami Website…

Looks like Konami had no problem cleaning house, re-directing, and taking over websites and Twitter accounts while erasing all traces of Hideo Kojima’s presence from the company completely. Though what’s kinda odd to me is that exactly a month ago, it seemed as though Hideo Kojima hinted that there may be something more going on than we didn’t fully know about, which is pretty much always true when inside the business aspect of things.

Within an IGN Italy video where Hideo Kojima announced and discussed the release date of MGS 5 he made a comment saying, “With Metal Gear Solid 5, I’m finally ‘closing the loop’ on the Metal Gear Series.” His follow-up comment is what stirred things up the most when he said, “Even if the Metal Gear Franchise continues, to me, this is the last metal gear.” The video was later taken down and has not surfaced back to the net since then.

So what exactly did he mean by that? Did he know a split was coming? Was he already unhappy with past events and ready to leave and using this as a way to let us know that after MGS5 he’s done with the series completely? I mean… is there even a Metal Gear WITHOUT Hideo Kojima?!? Also, why remove the video? Were Hideo Kojimas truthful words too much for Konami to accept at the time? Well, until Hideo Kojima himself comes out and speaks on the matter, no one will truly know, as all the info from above were provided from reliable inside sources within Konami. One thing is definitely for sure, if Hideo Kojima doesn’t have his hands on any future projects within the metal gear series, it’s better off being the last MGS game because it just won’t be the same without him.

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