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Conker Sequel Rumors Squashed By Microsoft And Rare

Posted March 24, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News

Ok. How many of you Nintendo 64 vets remember Diddy Kong Racing? Those are the peeps who remember the first days of cult gaming hero Conker and his origins. Billed as a Mario Kart clone back in the days when Mario Kart was first ever a think, Diddy Kong Racing didn’t get the love it deserved. Still, it spawned careers for both Conker and Banjo Kazooie. Conker managed a couple of his own games on both the Nintendo 64 and then the original Xbox.

As of last week, however, Project Spark (a community based game creation tool on the Xbox One similar to Little Big Planet), Conker based content will be released in April as DLC. This DLC will apparently have episodic Conker content that you can play thru as well as tilesets and such that will allow you to create your OWN Conker adventures.

Rare and Microsoft were further drilled about this information wondering if that meant that a proper sequel was in the works and that rumor was quickly dispelled. Rare is working on a new IP but it has nothing to do with Conker.

Those who remember the humorous squirrel remember his Nintendo-esque appearance but mature themed content and humor which gave him a cult like following. Past attempts at a sequel were met with poor sales which often times ends many series.

Maybe they should stick with just making a cartoon or even a Tell Tale series!

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