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Battlefield Hardline Announces Premium Membership Perks

Posted March 4, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in News
Battlefield Hardline Premium

Battlefield Hardline is coming soon and those of us Battlefield vets know that means it’s time to save up for that Premium service. When it comes to Battlefield, half of the fun is typically in the new modes and maps that the DLC content provides. With Battlefield 4, the Premium Service led to the somewhat futuristic teaser maps in Final Stand as well as the riot shield and unmanned assault robot in Dragon’s Teeth. Now that cops and criminals are the focus, Visceral Games looks to continue that tradition with Hardline’s own Premium service.

As usual, this service will provide access to 4 planned DLC packs and early release access to each of them. Thankfully, these packs will provide more than just maps. Here’s a rundown of the membership benefits:

Four Features

  • Masks – New player masks with unique gameplay benefits tied to the
    theme of each mask.

Can you say loot-based content? I’m assuming these masks will be available for the ‘cops’ side of things as well which is interesting to say the least.

  • Gun Bench – Provides players with the ability to visually customize
    their weapons and track their kills per weapon.

This is certainly better than the endless and at times ugly military styled camo that was ‘unlocked’ in BF4.

  • Competitive Play – Support for competitive play through  Battlefield
    Hardline Premium access only tournaments and ladders.
  • Legendary Status – Provides replayability of the entire progression

So this status is only allowed to Premium members? There is no replayability of the progression system by default?

Four digital expansion packs featuring new multiplayer maps, modes,
vehicles, in-game content and a story themed throughout all four:

  • Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity – Players have to make a
    name for themselves in fast-paced, highly-destructible new maps littered
    with small-time crime jobs. Available summer 2015.
  • Battlefield Hardline: Robbery – Take down the opposition head on
    and progress through key locations with major cinematic action.
    Available summer 2015.
  • Battlefield Hardline: Getaway – This is frantic, high-speed chases
    that immerse players deeper in the heist. Available fall 2015.
  • Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal – There is a rat in every operation
    and players will have to find out who to trust. Available winter early
  • Two weeks early access to all expansion packs
  • 12 Gold Battlepacks
  • New personalization options including gun camos, ammo skins, and
    more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive in-game items
  • Access to double-XP, in-game missions, and more Battlefield
    Hardline Premium exclusive events

The mention of ‘story-themed’ content does make you wonder if this means additional single player content will be a part of the DLC packs or if the new modes described will be ‘story based’ or both. We will certainly see!

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