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15 Years Ago Today, A Classic Console was Born: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PLAYSTATION 2!

Posted March 4, 2015 by Kenesu in Editorials

So a week before my birthday, I let my mother know what it was that I wanted and she swore up and down that I was going to have the best birthday ever but wouldn’t be able to get me what I was asking her for. So being 15 and not getting my way, I wasn’t the best person to be around. My PSOne and Gameboy were always there to tolerate me though. So it’s a day before my birthday now and my mom asks me if I’m ready for the big day tomorrow. I simply told her, “Its not gonna be that big if I don’t get what I want”. Not being the type of parent to take an attitude from her kid at all, she pretty much shut me in my room for the entire day and told me not to come out until she said so. Stuff like that never mattered to me as that’s what I did naturally, chilled in my room while either watching anime are playing my games.

So my birthday comes around and my mom calls for me only to tell me to go run some errands for her. Seriously?!?!?! Its MY DAY and you have me running errands for YOU? I just said whatever and left and got her everything that she had on the list she gave me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was having me pick up all my favorite snacks and ingredients to make my favorite foods. Now I’m kind of hype for the day. Even though I wont’t be getting exactly what I want, I’m getting a huge feast and a ton of snacks in my honor and I plan to devour everything she prepares for me. As I get home, my mom and pops and a good amount of my friends are in the house and all yell ‘Surprise!’, letting me know the whole time shopping this was a set up to get me out the house to get my surprise birthday party set up and all seems to be coming together nicely.

As she cooks everything she tells me its cool for me to open presents. One by one I’m opening gifts and I’m getting some awesome stuff but nothing that’s truly sending me through the roof. Then it happened. When I thought all the gifts had been handed out and everything was pretty much done, my mom comes out of nowhere with a huge bag and tells me “You’re welcome” in advance. It was as if everyone else knew what was in it but me from the way everyone was looking at me. So I proceed to open the bag and what do I see in there – A PlayStation 2

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!!!! I had my PS1 for a while and had become a Sony fan through that alone. Though when I heard about the PS2 coming out and when it was going to be released, I freaked. Not only because it was an upgraded PlayStation system….. but its release date was the same day as my actual birthday.

Yes, my birthday is the exact same day as the PS2 U.S launch date. So much win involved in that sentence right there!

As if that wasn’t enough, along with the PS2 she bought me Ready to Rumble Boxing: Round 2, Midnight Club: Street Racing, Dynasty Warriors 2, and Tekken Tag Tournament. That day, for me, had to be one of the best days of my entire life. It was backwards compatible with my PS1 so I didn’t really need my PS1 after that but I still kept it (and still have it) for vintage/nostalgia purposes. The PS2 also introduced online gaming to the Playstation Universe through the Network Adapter that was only functional through certain games. The PS2 as a whole was a powerful beast that I had wanted for so long and was so happy to play with once I got it.

I felt the need to express my love for the PS2 today mainly because this is the exact day that the PS2 was released to Japan with 10 Launch Titles to back it up, only to finally come to the U.S on October 26th (My birthday) with 26 launch titles to support its debut. With more than 150 million PS2 Consoles sold to this day world-wide, the PS2 strongly holds the current title as the Best Selling Video Game console in history. Since its arrival to the gaming world, the PS2 has seen tons of success and even got a slim makeover similar to its PS1 brethren with the PlayStation 2 Slim. While not having the 3.5 expansion in the slim version which removed support for the hard disk drive, they did add a built in Ethernet port, made the system slimmer and quieter than the bulky PS2 version. The PS2 also had some pretty interesting peripherals released for it such as the Eye Toy Camera and a PS2 HDD that had up to 40GB of storage.

The PS2’s greatest days were seen when the Grand Theft Auto series started to make its way to the system. The Grand Theft Auto series alone sold over 34 million in sells on the PS2 when adding together GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas sales all together. The Gran Turismo series was a big hit as well for the PS2 platform selling collectively around 25 million. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy X hit some pretty good numbers as well and with the PS2 being backwards compatible, it wasn’t odd to see people purchasing PS1 titles to play on the PS2 for nostalgia feels, thus expanding sells and overall worth of the PS2 and thus showing how amazing the PlayStation 2 library is when combining both PS1 and PS2 libraries.

If your a Sony Fan then this is a great day for you to show your appreciation to Sony and to take some time out of your day to thank them for birthing such an amazing console to us on this exact day. Though they may have stopped making games for it, it definitely doesn’t kill the love and respect that we have for the system. Do any of you have any PS2 memories or special moments that are PS2-related and would like to share? If so, leave them below and let us know how you feel about the PlayStation brand as a whole. Stay tuned to Gaming Precision as we keep you guys & gals up to date one what’s circulating within your gaming universe. Until then… See ya!

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