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The PlayStation Update 2/24/15

Posted February 25, 2015 by Kenesu in News

Hey there fellow gamers, Kenesu here, with another PlayStation Update. Sorry for the One-day delay this week on the PS Store Update, MH4U has taken over a lot more of my time than I’d like to admit to. My 3ds needed to some time to charge though, so while I’m waiting for that to pass, let’s get to this week’s PlayStation Store Update.

This week a ton of games have been dropped on us this week, eleven to be exact. From classic series such as Resident Evil and Xevious to new & unique games just now hitting the PlayStation scene such as The Firefly Diary and Starwhal. Check out the list below for a quick rundown of what PlayStation had to offer us this week:

Desert Ashes

Originally developed for the PC back in November 2014, Desert Ashes makes its appearance on the PS Vita and brings along everything that made it awesome from its PC days plus more. Its a Turned-Based tactical game that has you control little troops, all who have different types of attributes and attacks, and strategize to dominate another players army or base. You’ll have the option of playing either single player mode or going online in multiplayer mode and taking on the likes of others in multiple battles. A unique feature in Desert Ashes that isn’t present in most tactical RPG games is the addition of Day/Night effects and Weather Conditions that take place and effect the way the terrain is and how the battles will either sway in your favor or cause to be a disadvantage to you. For those who enjoy tactical RPG-style games, this is definitely worth a play through. This game is available on the PlayStation Store for download exclusively for the Vita.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

No more are you forced to play with the characters from the Dragon Ball series, as Dragon Ball Xenoverse lets you create and customize your own warrior with the choice of 5 races and 4500 items that can be used in online or offline play. From there you’ll set out to assist Trunks and help him take down old and new enemies that rise while trying to bring peace back to the original story of series. You’ll learn new moves and combos on your journey as you meet up with different characters from the Dragon Ball series. Practice and training is a must if you wish to perfect your skills and become a true warrior of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store & Retail Stores for the PS3 & PS4

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires brings you back in to the fight for domination amongst many as you take on thousands upon thousands of warriors within ancient China in a conquer and destroy fashion. With a huge boost in character customization, more freedom of progression within stages and different objectives and missions to go on depending on which of the 4 characters you choose to play with, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is definitely promising a ton of game play and replay value for your buck. The story has also been completely re-written, with each of the four stories diving into a historical path and a hypothetical path at certain periods in the stories. This is Dynasty Warriors as we always knew it, just with a lot more freedom, new story, and tons of game play to keep you locked into the battle and striving for the glory of victory. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store & Retail Stores for the PS4

htoL#NiQ – The Firefly Diary

Help Mion through this epic Journey-Like adventure as you find Mion stuck in the bottom of an old ruin with her having no memory of getting there. With the assistance of 2 fireflys, Lumen and Umbra, she’ll have to solve puzzles, and dodge monsters and traps on the way out of the darkness All of Mions movements are taken from Lumen, as it gestures to walk to one area from the next, climb over or pick up boxes, flip on switches, etc. While Umbra remains in the shadows and destroys whatever obstacle that’s too much for Mion. Will she be able to escape the darkness and get back to where she came from? Where is she from anyway? This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita

HyperDevotion Noire – Goddes Black Heart

Exclusively for the PS Vita, this Tactical RPG is of HyerDimension Neptunia with Noire as the main character in this series. Help Noire and the other 3 Goddesses as they set out to destroy the unknown force that robbed Noire of her powers and aim to unify the world of Gamarket in the process. With 4 main characters along side 18 playable characters from the Hyper series, there’s plenty to be used and done within this tactical rpg . Master each characters signature attributes and discover the advantage of controlling new mechanics within the game, such as “Lily Boost”, which involves adjacent units developing special bonds that grant special skills and abilities such as goddess transformations; kissing animations are displayed upon activation. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita


What was once an exclusive to the Xbox 360 and then later released to the PS3, Vita, and Xbox One has finally found its way to the PS4. Join a little boys journey as he’s unsure of his sisters whereabouts and goes on a search for her in this epic chilling adventure game. The color scheme of the game definitely adds to the subtle yet creepy atmosphere as you solve puzzles and traverse through the storyline that’s a little dark at times yet never overbearing. If you want an adventure that’s gonna literally keep you on the edge of your seat all while and has a good mix of suspense exploration within it, Limbo is the game for you. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 1

Set between the events of RE 5 and RE 6, Revelations 2 drops on us in the form of episodes, 4 to be exact. You’ll be able to control Claire and Moira through the 1st half of the game while the 2nd half of the game has you taking control of Barry and Natalia to continue and close out the episode. Following the stories of both lead characters Claire and Barry, you’ll follow each of their stories separately that’re bound to come together in later episodes in a suspenseful fashion. Solve clues and fight for your survival in a new installment to the RE series that’s sure to give old school RE players that nostalgia feel with refined action sequences. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS3 & PS4

Rugby 15

It’s been 2 years since any rugby union game has surfaced but finally rugby fans can rejoice with the arrival of Rugby 15. Play with the official Aviva Premiership Rugby, TOP 14, PRO D2 and Pro12 teams and experience all the rush and excitement of competing in licensed competitions or simply create your own competition and play to the top of the ranks. This game is available for purchase from the PlayStation Store & Retails Stores for the PS3 & PS4


Truly one of the most unique games ever made and already hailed by many as one of the best multiplayer games of the year, brawl it out narwhal style in this epic retro action game. You’ll have over 4 game modes to pick from as you’ll go head to head or duke it out with 3 other narwhals in combat through 25 arenas of your choice. You’ll have 30 obstacles and target challenge levels to showcase you skills and best the competition all while avoiding new stage hazards in the process. There’s also tons of different customization options as well to truly set yourself apart from the other narwhals in combat. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for PS3 & PS4 and is also Cross-Buy Compatible.

Under Night in-Birth Exe:Late

From creators of Guilty Gear and Blaze Blue comes a new 2-d fighting game that combines defensive spacing mechanics with an all out explosive offense style of play that brings a new-found balance to the 2D fighting game genre. Embark on a brand new story and 14 brand new characters to pick from as you engage in combat amidst the Hollow Night Phenomenon. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store & Retail Stores for the PS3

Xevious 3d/+

A PS-One classic that sure to have all space shooter fans rushing the PlayStation Store has been update and added to the PS3 Library. Hop back into spaceship SOLVALOU and make your way through the the forces of GAMP and bring justice and peace to your world and bring down the forces sent from Planet Xevious. Its everything that you came to love and know from its PS1 debut with a updated crisp look and feel to the game. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS3.

So how do y’all feel about the line of games that have come out this week? Any games in particular you’ve been anticipating and itching to play? Leave your comments below and be sure to check back next week for what the PlayStation Universe has to offer to our world of gaming. See ya!

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